Most Viewed Tire Launch Stories of 2021

Most Viewed Tire Launch Stories of 2021

This year was filled with new tire launches, from all-terrain to all-weather and all-season tires, each boasting technology improvements from their predecessors and looking to take up some market share in their respective segments.

While a year may seem like a blip on the radar, it definitely isn’t in the tire industry. In fact, 2021 was filled with new product launches, from all-terrain to all-weather and all-season tires, each boasting technology improvements from their predecessors and looking to take up some market share in their respective segments.

When we reviewed our website analytics over the past year, we noticed an overwhelming number of stories engaged with were tire launches. So, without further ado, we give you the top 10 most viewed product launch stories from 2021.

Nitto’s Recon Grappler A/T


The Recon Grappler A/T is an all-terrain tire that the company launched in July this year that is situated between its Ridge Grappler M/T and the Terra Grappler G2. The company said it was designed with a bold tread pattern to provide excellent traction off-road and comfort on-road.

BFGoodrich’s Trail-Terrain T/A Tire

BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain TA Tire 1400

Launched in September this year, BFGoodrich‘s trail-terrain tire was lauded for filling a void in the manufacturer’s current portfolio the gives customers “light off-pavement capability while still maintaining fuel economy,” said Stephen Peters, BFGoodrich brand director.

Hercules Tires Terra Trac AT Models


In August, Hercules Tires released its latest Terra Trac ATX line with two models — the X-Journey and X-Venture — designed specifically for CUVs, SUVs and light trucks. The company said each model features wet and snow performance, customizable sidewall designs and longevity.

Hankook’s Dynapro AT2 Xtreme and Dynapro XT


We know, we know. technically, these are two different tires in two different segments. You’re inflating the list, Tire Review! So, yes we are, but these two tires were launched at the same time, in the same story, so that’s why the duo made the list. First, let’s start with the AT2 Xtreme, the successor to the company’s Dynapro AT2 tire. Hankook says the tire has been reimagined with a more aggressive shoulder design, enhanced noise reduction and longer mileage with a 60,000 mileage warranty. The Dynapro XT is Hankook’s entry into the rugged-terrain segment with the tire featuring high-rigidity polygonal blocks and wide zig-zag grooves, as well as an aggressive saw-toothed sidewall design that provides protection against punctures. Both are three-peak mountain snowflake certified, Hankook says.

Vredestein’s Pinza A/T

Vredestein Pinza A/T Apollo Tyres

A relative newcomer to the North American tire market, Vredestein, a legacy European brand owned by Apollo Tyres that debuted in the U.S. about four years ago, unveiled the Pinza A/T in November. The company said the tire is a pick-up truck and SUV all-terrain tire that’s capable yet comfortable with an aggressive tread design and quiet on-road performance while also delivering durability to venture off-road.

Nokian Tyres One

Nokian Tyres One sidewall 1400x700

Launched back in January this year, the Nokian Tyres One is a power line when combined with the Nokian Tyres One HT launched in 2020, the company said. The entire line covers more than 91% of sizes in their segments, from sedans to light trucks to SUVs and even select cargo fitments.

General Alitmax 365 AW

03_General Tire Altimax 365 AW summer

Making its debut into the all-weather segment, Continental introduced the General Tire Altimax 365 AW in April. The tire sits snugly between the all-season touring tire AltiMax RT 43, and its winter tire AltiMax Arctic 12. “Our target was to make sure we have a tire that’s usable without negatives in all climates — whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter,” said Product Manager Joe Maher. The tire also comes with alignment indicators on the tread.

Cooper Tire’s Endeavor & Endeavor Plus Tires


Another double dip! Launched in July, Cooper’s Endeavor and Endeavor Plus feature a new silica tread compound, water evacuation channels and biting edges in the treads that give the tires improved wet and snow braking. A new inner construction also provides durability, with the tires built to function in all seasons.

Cooper Tire Discoverer Rugged Trek


Another one from the Findlay, Ohio-based tiremaker. The Discoverer Rugged Trek is an all-season truck and SUV tire made for off-road adventuring, while offering good on-road performance for everyday use, the company says. It offers drivers a choice between two unique upper sidewall designs, one on each side of the tire, allowing for a customized look. Cooper said the tire also utilizes “Whisper Grooves” that block the rush of air through the tire, helping to eliminate noise at high speeds.

Continental’s DWS06 Plus

At the start of this year, Continental debuted the successor to its DWS06 that Conti product managers said has improved performance in every aspect of the tire. “Everything our consumers loved [about the DWS06], we made every category better,” said Bjoern Glaeser, UHP product engineer who headed up the project. Glaeser said the tire has bigger, stronger tread blocks and full-depth 3D sipes for enhanced snow grip.

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