Hankook Tire Reveals New R/T Dynapro XT, AT2 Xtreme Tires

Hankook Tire Reveals New R/T Dynapro XT, AT2 Xtreme Tires

With the addition of the Dynapro XT and Dynapro AT2 Xtreme, Hankook’s Dynapro family now covers on-road, off-road, all-terrain and rugged terrain segments to suit the needs of both light truck and SUV/CUV consumers.

Hankook Tire is rounding out its Dynapro line of products with two new tires catering to consumers who like to ride off the beaten path: the Rugged Terrain Dynapro XT and next-generation Dynapro AT2 Xtreme.

With the addition of the Dynapro XT and Dynapro AT2 Xtreme, Hankook’s Dynapro family now covers on-road, off-road, all-terrain and rugged terrain segments to suit the needs of both light truck and SUV/CUV consumers.

“These tires fill out the entire Dynapro line, so it can go from an on-road CUV-type tire all the way to the much more extreme mud-terrain tire. These two new launches kind of fit in the middle of this line,” says Curtis Brison, vice president of PCLT sales for Hankook Tire. “The all-terrain consumer might be on-road a lot more than off-road, so they need their tires to have good on-road manners while still performing equally well when they do go off-road. On the XT perspective, they may be more purposeful about going off-road but don’t want to go all the way to a mud-terrain tire that may be loud or may not be as comfortable to ride on.

“We really think these two products are going to meet those consumer needs, and we are just really excited to have them out there.”

The Dynapro XT

As Hankook’s first rugged terrain product, the Dynapro XT features high-rigidity polygonal blocks and wide zig-zag grooves that Hankook says offer excellent off-road traction in rugged conditions, as well as an aggressive saw-toothed sidewall design that provides protection against punctures. The Dynapro XT also comes equipped with a three-peak mountain snowflake rating, and its optimized pattern provides a quiet and comfortable ride using arranged pitch variation technology, chamfered edges that minimize road impact and shoulder block cushions that absorb road noise.

The Dynapro AT2 Xtreme

The Dynapro AT2 Xtreme, the successor to the company’s Dynapro AT2 tire, has been reimagined with a more aggressive shoulder design, enhanced noise reduction and longer mileage with a 60,000 mileage warranty. Hankook says the tire’s high-depth sidewall blocks and cross-combined shoulder scoops enhance off-road traction and help prevent cuts and abrasions. The Dynapro AT2 Xtreme is also three-peak mountain snowflake rated, built with multi-directional grooves and sipes as well as biting block edges that provide added traction in wet and severe snow conditions. Although more aggressive than its predecessor, Hankook says the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme still provides a quiet and comfortable on-road performance with its noise-reducing tie-bars and staged block edges.

“What makes the off-roading and overlanding communities so incredible is their enthusiasm and deep knowledge of every upgrade to their vehicle, and tires are no exception,” Brison says. “We know that our consumers are savvy and informed, and they’re always looking for better choices. So we feel like we have to be at the forefront of all the cutting-edge automotive trends in regard to OEM replacement so that we can exceed the driver’s expectations. And really, the heritage of our Dynapro line has consistently exhibited high quality and high performance in the light truck market.”

The sidewalls of both new tires have a particularly aggressive look, and while this was done purposefully, Brison says these sidewall designs go far beyond pure aesthetics.

“You know, you’re investing a lot of money in your truck, so you want it to look good, but if it doesn’t perform, it doesn’t matter,” he says. “For example, on our Dynapro XT, the sidewall enhances traction and provides extra off-road grip. It’s that sneaky mix of aesthetics and function that is designed to give light truck drivers exactly what they’re seeking.”

Brison says industry research shows that light trucks and SUV/CUVs are continuing to grow in popularity, and that these vehicle categories currently make up 72% of new vehicle sales.

“So, the market itself is moving that way, and the reasons for choosing these light trucks vary, so this creates a market for different types of products,” Brison adds. “We know that consumers are wanting to invest in the performance and look of their vehicle, so we take this research and bring it to these products to help meet each driver’s individual needs.”

Brison says at a time when many tire dealers across the country are experiencing unprecedented challenges building their product screens due to a global shift in tire demand, Hankook is working particularly hard to ensure dealers will have access to these new tires.

“Some of these tires are made in our Tennessee plant, but some are also coming from overseas, and for those products coming from overseas, there can be more variables in the arrival time. So really, our focus right now is working with our valued customers to put together a customized plan for each one of them on these new products – one to make sure that we’re clearly and proactively communicating when they can expect the tires,” Brison says. “We’re working with them to make sure that they’re building a product screen that reflects their local market and to meet the end consumer’s needs.”

The Dynapro XT is available today in 30 sizes, while the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme is currently available in 32 sizes. Hankook says it will continue adding to the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme line-up, reaching 98 total sizes by 2022.

The Dynapro XT and Dynapro AT2 Xtreme are available now, with the continued release of additional sizes throughout the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

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