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The MaxiTPMS TS900, Your Next Diagnostics, Service & TPMS Tablet

The MaxiTPMS TS900 is an update to the popular MaxiTPMS TS608, all systems, all service, and all TPMS tablet.

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The MaxiTPMS TS900 is an update to the popular MaxiTPMS TS608, all systems, all service, and all TPMS tablet. And though the TS608 is a value-rich solution, the new TS900 is better in every way. It’s larger, faster, and offers double the storage space of the TS608. But as with all Autel products, it is the tablet’s powerful software that drives its extensive capabilities and makes the TS900 an exceptional value.


Let’s talk about TPMS. Simply put, no one does TPMS as well as Autel. Autel’s comprehensive—hardware, software, and sensor—approach ensures that whatever TPMS-equipped vehicle comes through your bay doors can be quickly diagnosed and serviced with our tools and sensors. With Autel’s at-a-glance, color-coded diagnostic status screen, the technician can quickly identify issues, resolve them, and get the vehicle back on the road. Gone is the guesswork of finding if the fault lies with a dead sensor, mismatched registered sensor IDs, or a module, wiring, or antennae fault. 

The TS900 can activate any OE or aftermarket sensor, displays the relearn procedure for every vehicle make and model, and offers the industry’s most extensive Relearn by OBD coverage. The TS900 can program the Autel 1-Sensor to replace 99 percent of the TPMS sensors on vehicles today.  The TS900 is also compatible with the Autel’s new Bluetooth Low Energy TPMS sensor (part number:300100), preprogrammed for Tesla vehicles and programmable for BLE-equipped vehicles. TPMS software coverage updates are free for the life of the tool.


The TS900’s comprehensive TPMS service functionality and advanced diagnostics capabilities put it head and shoulders above its industry competition. The TS900 provides All Systems Auto Scan with ADAS component identification and Pre- and Post-Scan reporting.  Reports can be printed or shared via Wi-Fi. Diagnostic functions include the ability to execute bi-directional Active Tests and Special Functions for U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, 1996 and newer. The These advanced functions are in addition to basic capabilities such as the ability to read and erase codes, view Freeze Data, and view and graph Live Data. The TS900 is equipped with the wireless MaxiVCI 150, a Bluetooth-enabled VCI with an operating distance of more than 300 feet, that supports the latest protocols including CANFD and DoIP. When subscribed to AutoAuth authentication services ($50 per shop, six technicians), the TS900 can also service Stellantis 2017/2018 and newer vehicles equipped with a security gateway.  These include Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, and Fiat vehicles. Stellantis installed the security gateway to prevent unauthorized access to vehicle systems. It also prevented aftermarket tools from performing even the most common services such as clearing codes and resetting maintenance lights. With AutoAuth acting as bridge between the OE access management server and the scan tool , Autel tablets can perform advanced functions including bi-directional Active Tests and Special Functions. 


The TS900 Service menu is also exceptional, with nearly 40 service tasks, including common and not-so-common service and maintenance tasks, at your fingertips. Services include Oil and Service Light reset, Battery Maintenance, Throttle Body Relearn, Window, Door, Sunroof reset, Headlight Alignment, Electronic Parking Brake reset, Brake Bleed, Air Bag reset, and Occupancy Seat calibration.

The Service Menu is the unsung hero of every Autel diagnostic and service tablet. With a few taps on the screen, a technician is brought directly to the service setting location for that vehicle make, model, and year.  The amount of time saved, and frustration eliminated cannot be overstated.

The Autel Advantage

At Autel, we know your workflow and challenges because we are technicians, too. We have designed our tools to mitigate those challenges head-on. Testing our tablets extensively and listening to our users is how we continually improve them.

Sponsored by Autel.

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