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Michelin Releases New Pilot Sport 4S Tire Sizes

Michelin has released 34 new sizes of its ultra-high-performance tire the Pilot Sport 4S. The tire is now available in 76 total sizes.


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Michelin has released 34 new sizes of its ultra-high-performance tire the Pilot Sport 4S. The tire is now available in 76 total sizes with original equipment and replacement applications and in widths ranging from 215mm to 345mm, aspect ratios from 25 to 50, and rim diameters from 17 to 22 inches. An additional 11 sizes will be introduced between March and May.

Since its launch last year, the Pilot Sport 4S tire has earned a No. 1 rank for a max-performance summer tire by Tire Rack, according to Michelin.

Additionally, the tire has been selected as original equipment among some of the world’s top manufacturers of high-performance vehicles, including BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Designed for sports cars and high-performance vehicles, the tire combines the best aspects of the Pilot Super Sport with key attributes of the Pilot Sport Cup 2. The Pilot Sport 4S tire offers steering precision, directional stability, while also providing maximum grip on wet or dry roads according to the company.

The Pilot Sport 4S bears a Y speed rating (186+ mph) and offers a 30,000-mile warranty.

The additional sizes are commercially available in the United States by the end of February.

Aesthetically, the tire features Michelin’s patented velvet sidewall branding, Premium Touch Design, and a rim protector that will help avoid contact between the wheel rim and curb. The standard Premium Touch Design is available on all sizes.


Sizes Launching February 2018:

215/45ZR17/XL (91Y)
225/45ZR17/XL (94Y)
225/50ZR17/XL (98Y)
235/45ZR17/XL (97Y)
245/40ZR17/XL (95Y)
245/45ZR17/XL (99Y)
225/40ZR18/XL (92Y)
225/45ZR18/XL (95Y)
225/50ZR18/XL (99Y)
235/40ZR18/XL (95Y)
235/45ZR18/XL (98Y)
235/50ZR18/XL (101Y)
245/35ZR18/XL (92Y)
245/45ZR18/XL (100Y)
255/35ZR18/XL (94Y)
255/40ZR18/XL (99Y)
255/45ZR18/XL (103Y)
265/35ZR18/XL (97Y)
265/40ZR18/XL (101Y)
275/35ZR18/XL (99Y)
285/35ZR18/XL (101Y)
225/35ZR20/XL (90Y)
235/30ZR20/XL (88Y)
245/45ZR20/XL (103Y)
255/30ZR20/XL (92Y)
265/40ZR20/XL (104Y)
275/40ZR20/XL (106Y)
285/25ZR20/XL (93Y)
295/35ZR20/XL (105Y)
245/30ZR21/XL (91Y)
255/30ZR21/XL (93Y)
295/25ZR21/XL (96Y)
305/25ZR21/XL (98Y)
275/40ZR22/XL (107Y)

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