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Kumho Tire Solus TA51a: ‘Ride and Drive Testimonial’

The Solus TA51a is specifically designed for the North American market for drivers of coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUVs.

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Early last year, Kumho Tire released the Solus TA51a, an all-season grand touring tire specifically designed for the North American market for drivers of coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUVs. The Solus TA51a features ribs in the main channel and grooves that break up and dissipate resonant noise for a quieter ride, and the four wide main channel grooves maximize water drainage and reduce hydroplaning in wet conditions. The use of interlocking sipes and chamfered block edges increases tread block rigidity and road contact during braking and cornering, improving handling and stability.

Kumho’s TA51a will be available in 82 sizes ranging from 13- to 19-in. fitments and is sold with a 65,000 mileage warranty on sizes with an H-speed rating and above and a 75,000 mileage warranty on T-speed rated sizes.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Hey everybody – my name’s Allison, and today I’m reviewing Kumho’s grand touring all-season tire, the Solus TA51a.

Now, right now I have these tires spec’d to my Honda CR-V, but I’ve driven all types of vehicles over the years – coupes, sedans, SUVs, you name it – so I’ve driven more tires than I can count. But there aren’t many tires that have made an impression on me like the Solus TA51a. Let’s take a ride so you can see the benefits yourself.

So, as soon as I hit the road, these tires just feel different. The smooth and quiet ride stands out, and that’s thanks to Kumho’s technology built into the tread pattern to quiet road noise, called Kumho’s “Resonance Noise Canceller.” The technology disrupts sound resonance in the grooves, noticeably reducing noise pollution inside the cabin. Want to make your car a place to find zen after a stressful work day? Start with these tires. 

Now, my work commute includes a long stretch of highway driving each way. Even at high speeds, the Solus TA51a feels stable, balanced and disturbance-free thanks to Kumho’s level of care in every detail of the tire’s tread design. The tire features a robust belt package for durability and high-speed capabilities, an enhanced under-tread gauge and a reinforced carcass to combine durability with ride comfort. They’re just fun to drive on!

Local roads were a blast too–the precise steering response from these tires made my CR-V feel more versatile and nimble. Kumho says that’s due to the 3D interlocking sipes and chamfer shoulder blocks, which make the tread rigid but flexible. The result is responsive, grippy handling that makes backroad travel fun – tight corners are no match for these tires!

I live in a region where we experience all four seasons, where the weather is known to get pretty rough. Let me tell you – the Solus TA51a handles rain or snow like a dream. The tires dispatch water quickly thanks to the tire’s four wide linear grooves that improve hydroplaning resistance by maximizing water drainage. Meanwhile, the tire significantly reduces wet and dry stopping distances by applying Kumho’s “High Grip Resin.” Kumho said the tire’s snow grip is enhanced, too, by utilizing a compound with decreased stiffness at low temperatures.

Did I mention how durable these tires are? Aside from the strong tread design and tough sidewall, the Solus TA51a also features resistance to cracking, chipping and tearing due to the application of its multi-functionalized silica polymer.

Kumho’s consolidated approach to its Solus TA51a line also gives me assurance as a customer. Rather than dividing resources across niche products, Kumho is focusing its efforts on a comprehensive grand touring all-season tire that covers coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUVs. Instead of searching for tires for days, Kumho’s Solus TA51a made my decision a heck of a lot easier in the end.

After experiencing these do-it-all tires on a variety of roads and conditions, I’m thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. Kumho’s Solus TA51a delivers on all fronts–from a smoother, quieter commute to improved high-speed stability and all-weather traction. By combining technologies like noise cancellation, specialized compounds and sturdy construction into one tire line, Kumho spared no detail in creating the ultimate all-season tire for drivers wanting confidence and peace of mind all year round. I’ll definitely be recommending these to anyone looking for a new grand touring all-season tire.

Sponsored by Kumho Tire.

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