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Bridgestone Launches Fuel-Efficient R123 Ecopia Trailer Tire

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is adding to its fuel-efficient Bridgestone Ecopia commercial truck tire portfolio with its R123 Ecopia tire.


Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is adding to its Ecopia commercial truck tire portfolio with its R123 Ecopia tire, a SmartWay-verified trailer tire engineered to deliver low rolling resistance and exceptional wear in long-haul and regional service applications, the company says.


Due to its low rolling resistance design, the Bridgestone R123 Ecopia tire delivers nearly $400 in fuel savings over 100,000 miles when compared to the Ecopia R197 tire, according to Bridgestone.

The R123 Ecopia tire is engineered with features such as an IntelliShape sidewall designed to reduce the overall tire weight and minimize rolling resistance, and the tire also uses patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology to limit energy loss and help improve fuel economy, Bridgestone says. Additional features include:

  • A fuel-efficient tread design to lower rolling resistance and improve fuel economy;
  • A tread pattern to increase traction and grip on wet roads, as well as absorption of tread edge stress to promote long, even wear;
  • Tread volume that allows for long removal mileage, and;
  • A defense groove structure that helps establish even pressure at the tire shoulder and minimize tread edge wear.

Bridgestone says the R123 Ecopia works together with Bandag FuelTech retreads to capitalize on tire performance potential, drive down fuel costs and make mobility more efficient for fleets.

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