Coats Garage Releases New 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer

Coats Releases New 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer

Coats 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer offers shops the speed and familiarity of Coats tire changers, but with the center clamp design necessary to protect and care for today’s high-end wheels, Hennessy Industries says.

Coats has introduced a new tire changer for high-volume shops: the 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer.

Hennessy Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Coats tire changers and wheel balancers, says its 80C center clamp tire changer offers shops the speed and familiarity of Coats tire changers, but with the center clamp design necessary to protect and care for today’s high-end wheels.

“The 80C picks up where the 80X rim clamp and other Coats tire changers left off,” says Rick Kennedy, product marketing manager for Hennessy Industries. “With its robust center clamp design and high-power, 220V, 2-horsepower motor, it provides high-volume tire dealers and shops the opportunity to confidently and carefully handle high-end wheels and tires common on today’s vehicles, with the speed, simplicity and ease-of-use of a classic swing-arm tire changer. Many technicians are already comfortable with the general layout of a swing arm tire changer and this machine is very similar in that regard. It is extremely easy to train new technicians on.”

The 80C features a center clamp design to minimize metal-on-metal contact; a 220V, two-horsepower electric motor that handles tough truck and low-profile assemblies; Coats’ RoboRoller Powered Assist device, which provides direct pressure and prevents bead rollover; and standard ABS (Auxiliary Bead Sealer) to seal difficult beads more efficiently.

As with all Coats machines, the company says the 80C and 80X are backed by a factory authorized service network that includes factory setup and training on the machine.

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