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Gallery: 2021 Hercules Tires Product Evaluation Ride-and-Drive

This year, Hercules Tires’ sales team took a total of 50 dealers over a span of a week and a half to test out three light truck tires in Moab, Utah. Take a look at photos from the ride-and-drive.

Over a span of a week and a half, Hercules Tires welcomed a total of 50 dealers over three groups to test out its Terra Trac AT X-Venture, Terra Trac M/T and Terra Trac T/G Max tires for SUVs and light trucks on two trails in Moab, Utah, during its product evaluation ride-and-drive event. Groups navigated the slick, rocky and muddy terrain of Moab’s Hell’s Revenge and Poison Spider Mesa trails.

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Full story: Hercules Tires Reviews Products, Takes Dealers Off Road

One day prior to hitting the trails, dealers were given an overview of Hercules Tires product by Steven Liu, senior director of proprietary brands. Liu discussed the stand-out features of its Terra Trac AT X-Venture and Terra Trac AT X-Journey, for CUVs, as well as the history and new innovations behind Hercules’ Terra Trac M/T and Terra Trac T/G Max tires.

Check out all the action from the trip below.

A line of Jeeps head down slick rock on the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, Utah. Tour operator Twisted Jeeps describes the trail as a slick rock trail featuring steep climbs and descents that look very difficult, but are pretty safe given the excellent traction on sandstone.
Steven Liu, director of proprietary brands at Hercules Tires, shares product details with a group of dealers at the four-day product overview, evaluation and ride-and-drive event in Moab, Utah.
A view from behind the wheel of a Jeep parked atop a slick rock obstacle at Hell’s Revenge.
The group stops atop a slick rock trail to get a view of the Colorado River.
An up-close look at the Terra Trac M/T tire after trekking through a bit of mud on the Hell’s Revenge trail.
The line of Jeeps makes the climb up a sharp, rocky turn on the Poison Spider Mesa trail.
A driver from tour operator Twisted Jeeps climbs up steep slick rock.
The group of tire dealers, Hercules executives and media members stop for a group photo after conquering Poison Spider Mesa.

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