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Cosmo Tires super regional tires

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Cosmo Tires Introduces New Commercial Tires

The company says all three tires blend the durability of a long-haul tire with the casing strength of a regional tire.


Cosmo Tires, a private label brand for Tire Group International, has introduced the three new super regional tires to its commercial tire portfolio: the CT575+, CT578+ and CT778+.


The company says the tires blend the durability of a long-haul tire with the casing strength of a regional tire. All three products are backed by a five-year casing warranty and a minimum two recap warranty along with the industry-standard limited warranty. These tires are “tiger tough” and are all available for immediate order, the company says.

The CT575+ is an all-wheel position tire with a five-rib tread design that includes four wide straight grooves. The tire delivers excellent handling and stability along with effective water evacuation and above-average braking performance in both wet and dry conditions, Cosmo Tires says.

The CT578+ is an all-wheel position tire, that controls the pressure distribution of its footprint with an advanced tread pattern designed to reduce the risk of irregular wear, the company says. This tire excels on wet and dry roads with four grooves that allow for efficient water evacuation and braking performance without sacrificing handling and stability.


The CT778+ is a drive wheel position tire, designed with three rows of tread blocks and a closed shoulder tread that provides long, even wear and superior traction and stability.

Cosmo has also enhanced the sidewall look of these tires by indenting the Cosmo and the model names in UHP fashion, giving the tires a visual appeal that makes them stand out, the company says. It also incorporated its trademark tiger head, paw print and claw mark onto the tread area.

“Our current commercial offering includes 12 different lines and over 40 SKUs and these innovative and exclusive patterns will be a great complement to our lineup,” says Joaquin Gonzalez, Cosmo Tires president. “Just last month we announced the addition of three new models to our PCR and LTR line up. We’re on a mission to provide our dealers with high-quality, value-driven products that will set them and us apart from the competition.”

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