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How Cosmo Tires fuels growth through authentic connections

Gain insights into how Cosmo Tires plans to expand its footprint and its engagement with consumers and partners.

Cosmo Tires to include 40,000-70,000 mileage warranty on all PLT tires

Cosmo will continue its portfolio expansion later this year when it launches its new Gripit X/T, Rockit R/T, and Cosmo Kurrent.

Cosmo Tires to open retail store in South America

The company said its new facility’s retail space is designed to showcase the complete range of Cosmo Tires products.

Cosmo Tires becomes the official tire sponsor of Clean Culture

Clean Culture organizes events in over 25 states and three countries featuring hundreds to thousands of vehicles.

Cosmo Tires Names Exclusive Distributor in Puerto Rico

Centeno’s Tire Distributor is Cosmo Tires’ exclusive distributor in Puerto Rico.

Handshake agreement
Cosmo Tires Expands Distribution with New Partner

Mighty Tire Wholesale will distribute Cosmo brand tires under a new agreement.

Handshake agreement
Cosmo Tires Releases New Mud-Rated Tire

The company says a reinforced bead area provides grip features for added traction surface in deep mud or snow.

Cosmo Tires Introduces New Commercial Tires

The company says all three tires blend the durability of a long-haul tire with the casing strength of a regional tire.

Cosmo Tires super regional tires
Cosmo Tires Introduces Three New Tire Lines

All three of Cosmo’s new products are available for immediate order.

Cosmo Tires Launches Cosmo Motorsports Division

Cosmo says its race family now includes three drivers who compete at various levels ranging from amateur to pro.

Cosmo Tire Enhances Existing Warranty Program

Cosmo Tires has added a mileage warranty to its PLT lineup and casing warranty on all its truck and bus tires under the new “Cosmo Tires Warranty Suite.”

Cosmo Tires Launches PCR, Truck, Bus Tire Lineup

Tire Group International will introduce their second generation Cosmo PCR, truck and bus radial tire range at The Tire Cologne.

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