Continental Launches New Tires for Medium-Duty Trucks

Continental Launches New Tires for Medium-Duty Trucks

Continental developed the 19.5-inch General RA 2 and RD 2 tires to meet the needs of Class 4 and 5 vehicle applications.

Continental developed new 19.5-inch truck tires for Class 4 and 5 vehicles. The new drive and steer tires are designed for the needs of medium-duty trucks, the manufacturer said. The General RA 2 is a regional all-position 19.5-in. regional/urban applications, and features a closed shoulder trad pattern that provides even wear and reduced noise, Continental said. The General RD 2 is a regional drive 19.5-in. tire used for regional/urban applications. The manufaturer said this drive tire has an aggressive tread design to deliver traction in any weather condition.

Most commonly the Class 4 and 5 vehicle market is made up of ambulances, large recreational trucks, utilities and last mile delivery vehicles and travel both on highways and urban roads in all types of climates and need a tire that can fit these various terrains. According to Contiental, the General RA 2 and General RD 2 tires were designed with durability and improved mileage in mind and specifically for the vocations they serve in mind.

Class 4 and 5 vehicles made up 2.5 million of the commercial vehicle registration in 2022 and handle up to 14,0001 lbs. – 19,500 lbs.

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