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Set up a City Page tire shop retailers

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How to Set Up a City Page in 10 Steps

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you have all the information you need when setting up your city page.


Set up a City Page tire shop retailers

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This is a step-wise progression through the process of creating city pages. While many business owners may not want to execute this personally, you can hand this off to a writer who can produce the copy for the webpage that your webmaster can execute.

1. Title Tags

For each city page you create, make sure that the title tag includes your top keyword (tire sales or new tires or auto repair, for examples), your business name and the target location for your city page (not your home city, of course). Ideally, the length should not exceed 60 characters and spaces. As an example: Auto Repair Dunwoody, GA | Acme Tire Sales


2. Meta Description

This is what shows below your name when Google displays your listing. Use this space for an informative description of your business that would encourage a visitor to click. Do not stuff it with keywords, but use them in logical sentences. Limit this to about 160 characters so it will not be cut off in search results.

3. Structuring Your URL

This is particularly important if you are creating a number of city pages. Use your URL and add the city page target and a keyword. Do not complicate the keyword or attempt multiple keywords. As an example:


4. Headings

When you have large amounts of copy, which a city page should, use logical headings throughout the copy. Optimize the headings with keywords.

5. Internal Links

Remember that the city page is designed to let people know you serve their communities and get them to your main website for more information. The easiest and most efficient way to do that is to use internal links. These are links within your copy that are highlighted (called “anchor text”) to bring visitors directly to other pages within your main website. For example, if you reference a particular service you offer on a city page, link it to your main site where you describe that service in more detail.


6. External Links

Your objective is to create a useful page. It is not one that promotes auto service. It is a site that promotes the city in which you are seeking to gain a foothold. Therefore, it is a great idea to link to city-specific resources on this page. For example, you may want to refer to the local chamber of commerce in your text. This is an excellent place to create a link to the chamber’s website. If you join that chamber, you get a valuable link back.


7. Navigation

Make sure to include every city page in your navigation. What this means is that you refer to the pages in a logical way on your website. For example, the easiest way might be to include a drop-down list of “Areas We Serve” on your Home Page.

8. Content

Creating engaging and unique content is often the biggest challenge. Use your best keywords, but it is not a good idea to overdo it. Keyword density should be limited to one to three percent of total words. Use local references as much as possible. Describe the services you offer and how you might be different than other local competitors. Personalize it as much as possible with “meet the owner/manager” copy, pictures and video. Include a call to action at the end.


9. Images and Video

Take pictures that tie your business to their community. Videos, too, including the above-mentioned introductions to your management and team.

10. Testimonials (Local)

If you can get them, use testimonials that demonstrate that others from the subject city have used your services and are happy to go the extra distance to do so.

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