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Eight Great Practices for Creating a Winning Team Culture

In your quest to be the absolute best tire/auto service business you can possibly be, you can have a beautiful facility, state-of-the-art equipment and all the amenities to enrich your customer’s experience, but if don’t have a great, “Winning Team” culture, then you still don’t have a truly great company. With that in mind, here

Ferrante: What I’ve Learned From Listening to 100,000 Sales Calls

Back in 2014, I authored an article titled, “Are Your Tire/Auto Service Salespeople ‘Winging It’ on the Phone?” At the time the article was published, my Pinnacle Performance Training team and I had evaluated approximately 25,000 sales calls between tire/auto service sales staff and prospective customers. In May of this year, we reached a milestone

Customer Service Scripts vs. a Sales Process

When you manage and control the conversation, you have your best shot at controlling a favorable outcome.

Top Lessons from 10 Years of Selling Smart

We look back at some lessons and proven principles that can increase the success of your tire business.

How to Post Strong Sales in a Weak Economy

Now that the economy has changed, what have you changed?

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Selling Smart: How Fit Is Your Customer Service?

Just like physical fitness, there are many aspects to managing the well-being of a customer service effort.

Are Your Salespeople ‘Winging It’ on the Phone?

Sponsored content: Every interaction your salespeople have with potential customers on the phone is an opportunity to enhance customer relations, the image of your business and increase sales. When your salespeople are not properly prepared to manage phone interactions they lose those precious opportunities and hinder your success.

The Top 5 Blunders of Tire Dealers

Sponsored content: Having worked with dozens of multi-location tire dealers across the country, Steve Ferrante, CEO of Pinnacle Performance Training, has seen many areas that negatively impact growth and overall business performance. Here, he shares the top five blunders he’s personally witnessed and the recommended changes for each.

How To Fail

Sponsored content: Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” With that in mind, CEO of Pinnacle Performance Training, Steve Ferrante, shares six proven ways to lose customers and damage your tire/auto service business.

Training & Performance: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Sponsored content: If you don’t measure your employees performance at the point-of-sale then you can’t manage it and improve performance. Ultimately, your business loses sales and profits, stifling your business’s growth.

What a Customer-Focused Culture Really Means

Pinnacle Performance Training’s Steve Ferrante details what we can learn about customer service from Myron Boncarosky, Virginia Tire & Auto’s founder.

Does Your Team Have True PRIDE?

Finding employees with true personal responsibility in delivering excellence will show in your business’ performance.