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Goodyear Introduces ‘Roll,’ A New Tire Shopping and Installation Experience

Roll by Goodyear is a new tire installation and shopping experience designed for the modern customer.

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Tire Shop Profit Centers: 12 Add-Ons to Bring in More Revenue

Find riches in niches – areas of specialization to help your business grow – by adding some unique potential profit centers.

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Tire Shop Retail: Value-Added Services for Your Waiting Room | Part 4

Once a customer agrees to service, they’re going to have to wait. And consumer expectations of what they do when they wait have vastly changed over the last decade.

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Tire Shop Retail: Making a Positive First Impression | Part 1

In an era of Yelp ratings and social media reviews, the retail landscape, especially for tire dealers, is changing. And the secret to your success – and a positive customer experience – begins with your store’s design.

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Online Reviews: The Key to Your Tire Shop’s Marketing Strategy

Let your customers write your advertising! Learn how to leverage positive customer experiences to become your greatest digital marketing tool.

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How to Set Up a City Page in 10 Steps

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you have all the information you need when setting up your city page.

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Clogged Toilet? You May be Saying Goodbye to Some Business

A recent study shows that 86% of Americans say a clogged restroom toilet would negatively impact their perception of a business.  

Knoxville Shop Owners Arrested for Theft

The owners of a North Knoxville tire and auto repair shop were arrested in connection to a theft investigation, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Tate Boys Tire Names New CEO

Oklahoma-based Tate Boys Tire & Service has announced Martin R. Schoenthaler as a new partner and CEO. Schoenthaler will help lead the continued growth of Tate Boys as they look to expand their presence throughout the northeast Oklahoma, the dealership said. “We’re excited to have Marty with us,” said Chuck Tate, Tate Boys Chief Operating

Police Searching for Suspect of Tire Shop Shooting

Police are searching again for the man accused of shooting up a tire shop near Dallas on Christmas Eve, after the suspect disappeared after posting bail, local media reports. The suspect allegedly planned to kill Muslims at the shop and shot at customers outside, which resulted in the death of one man, wounding of bystanders and

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Death of Shop Manager

A man from Redwood City, Calif., pleaded not guilty in the 2004 death of a Castro Valley tire shop manager who was to testify against him in court. Prisheen Sanjay Krishna, 36, was shot and killed outside his home in Oct. 26, 2004, the day before he was scheduled to testify against a customer in

Shots Fired at Dallas Tire Shop, Man Injured

A man was injured in a shooting at a Dallas tire shop. The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on May 26. The business is open 24 hours a day. According to authorities, at least one suspect walked into the business and fired multiple gunshots. The victim, a man not yet known to be a customer