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What’s the Difference Between a Solid vs. Flashing TPMS Light? ATEQ TPMS Explains

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TPMS can be a finicky thing. But ATEQ TPMS Tools is here to help you make sense of it all, including TPMS warning light signs.

A new video from ATEQ TPMS Tools shows how different lighting can indicate problems with tire pressure or the TPMS.

The TPMS warning light will illuminate when a tire is low and should eventually go out after a tire has been inflated to its recommended pressure according to the vehicle’s door placard, according to ATEQ TPMS.  After starting a vehicle, a TPMS icon will turn on for a few seconds. However, if the light stays on, it indicates that one or more of the tires on the vehicle are at least 25% below the recommended pressure. If the light flashes for one to two minutes, it indicates there is a malfunction in the TPMS system. There are many situations that can cause a TPMS warning light to come on or flash.

More on TPMS Troubleshooting: 

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