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Tire Mounted Sensors: The Future of Intelligent Tire Sensing

Tire-mounted sensors offer expanded capabilities for TPMS technology advancement.

Sensata Reveals New Tire-Mounted Sensor

Sensata debuted its new Tire Mounted Sensor (TMS), which includes TPMS functionality as well as an accelerometer to detect the force with which the tire is striking the ground. Mounted directly to the tire’s inner liner, the TMS identifies the brand and model of the tire and provides data continuity for the specific tire throughout

Hamaton Launches Tesla Bluetooth Sensor

Hamaton is launching an aftermarket BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor exclusively for Tesla vehicles. Hamaton says the new sensor is a direct replacement for the Sysgration BLE sensor. The company says that an alert is sent to the vehicle’s computer system via BLE when air pressure drops to trigger the TPMS light. BLE sensors are

What’s Next for TPMS Technology?

TPMS, like most technologies, is always evolving, and that is a good thing. The more accurate the system becomes and the more features that are added to a TPMS system, the more likely the driver will find value in keeping their TPMS system functioning. In the past 10 years alone: TPMS went from an optional

Why TPMS Tools are Used and How They Work

As a tire dealer, I am sure you have one or two TPMS tools laying around your shop. While they may be popular, diagnosing a malfunction might seem a bit confusing at times and somewhat time-consuming. Not to mention if you have to reprogram a diagnostic tool to meet the vehicle’s application specifications. In this

TPMS Service Basics: That’s Right, It Can Be That Simple

The Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) might be one of the most straightforward systems to understand on today’s increasingly complicated vehicles. Explained simply: A battery-powered pressure sensor mounted to each wheel gauges tire air pressure and transmits via radio frequency (most commonly, 315 or 433 Mhz, depending on the vehicle) the pressure first to

Alligator Sens.It TPMS Covers New Mazda Vehicles

Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now cover Mazda vehicles with highline TPMS. Most Mazda vehicles used indirect TPMS for a few years, but new models come equipped with directsystems, Alligator says. Another new feature is highline systems – the dash shows the pressure for each tire instead of simply a low-tire warning light. The

Alligator Sens.It TPMS Covers 2012-2021 Nissan Full-Size Vans

Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now covers the full-size Nissan NV vans (1500, 2500 & 3500).The sensor software is specially designed to handle the high-pressures that the van’s wheels & tires use. Shops now have the option to use their in-stock sensors for the high-payload vans and won’t have tovisit a dealership to

Alligator TPMS Now Covers 2017-2021 Ford Super-Duty Trucks

The tire-pressure sensors work with the ABS system to automatically locate and store new sensor IDs, the company said.

Hamaton Unveils U-Pro Hybrid NFC Sensor at SEMA Show 2021

During a booth visit at the SEMA Show, Hamaton’s Jake Henderson told Tire Review about the company’s new TPMS sensor that can be programmed using a smartphone.

Avoiding TPMS Signal Interference During the Repair Process

When the signals are crossed or obstructed, it can lead the system to transmit inaccurate information to the driver, or to the TPMS light illuminating.

Radio Waves & Tools for TPMS

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on transmitting, receiving and decoding radio waves, but these signals are invisible