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Gallery: Federal Tires Xplora R/T

Get a peek into Federal Tires’ Xplora R/T ride-and-drive in Big Bear Lake, California.


Federal Tires invited tire distributors, dealers and members of the media to a launch event at Big Bear Lake, California, to test out its new rugged-terrain tire, the Xplora R/T.

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To put the tire to its limits, event participants drove on a variety of light truck vehicles outfitted with Xplora R/Ts on an on-road drive around Big Bear Lake, and on an off-road course on the dirt trails of the Holcomb Valley. Scroll down to see some action shots from the event.

The Xplora R/T, which took around four years to develop, is a hybrid design between an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire. 
Federal Tires xplora RT barbecue
During the opening reception of the event, guests were treated to a barbecue overlooking Big Bear Lake.
Hutchinson Xplora RT product presentation
Steve Hutchinson, advisor to Federal Tires, explains how the Xplora RT sits between Federal’s all-terrain and mud-terrain tire offerings in the Xplora line.
Jamie Ma product presentation Federal Tires xplora RT
Jamie Ma, chairman of Federal Tires, addresses the crowd during a product presentation for the Xplora R/T launch.
Twenty different vehicle makes and models equipped with Federal Tires’ Xplora R/T line up for an on-road ride around Big Bear Lake.
Drivers aired down their tires from 40 to 20 psi to head off-road where participants experienced the Xplora R/T’s off-road capabilities.
Federal Tire Xplora R/T sidewall
The centipede-leg sidewall helps the tire with traction and gives it additional durability off-road.
Federal Tire Xplora RT Ford Raptor
A linear, four-block tread design enhances the Xplora R/T’s on-road stability for more predictable handling, ride comfort and reduced noise.
Drivers caravanned along the dirt trails of the Holcomb Valley in an off-road course experience during Federal Tires’ Xplora R/T launch event.

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