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Cooper Launches Roadmaster RM258 WD Winter Drive Tire

Featuring an open shoulder design with four rows of lugs, Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster RM258 WD is three-peak mountain snowflake certified.


Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster brand has introduced the Roadmaster RM258 WD.

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Featuring an open shoulder design with four rows of lugs, the tire is three-peak mountain snowflake certified. Helping the tire achieve that rating are shoulder notches and chevron grooves for bite in winter conditions, Cooper says. It was designed for regional applications, and comes in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes with load range H.

“This Roadmaster tire is all about traction,” said Gary Schroeder, executive director of Cooper’s Global Truck and Bus Tire Business. “It’s Roadmaster’s best performer in the snow and other adverse conditions for regional operators. The tire features an entirely new tread pattern and curb guards, coupled with enhanced compounding, to ensure excellent performance around town, including when hitting curbs and while on the interstate. Where other tires might slip and slide in the snow, the Roadmaster RM258 bites to give excellent performance.”

Deep tread, 26/32nds, along with full-depth 3D siping in the lugs, help the tire connect closely with the road for improved traction, Cooper says. Tie bars in the shoulders keep the tread from squirming, to help with uniform wear, and stone ejectors in the tread grooves help keep small rocks from drilling into the casing, improving casing life, the company adds.


The foundation of the Roadmaster RM258 WD is its four steel belt construction, which allows for multiple retreads. It comes with a six-year, two-retread warranty.

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