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Continental Introduces General Tire Press-On Bands for Material Handling Tires

General Tire is launching a new line of press-on-band tires in the U.S. and Canada.

General Tire Trac General Tire Smooth
The General Tire Smooth (left) and the General Tire Trac (right)

General Tire, a brand of Continental, is launching a new line of press-on-band tires in the U.S. and Canada. Two tires are being introduced, the General Tire Trac and the General Tire Smooth, both of which complement the full product range of Continental branded material handling tires currently offered in these markets.

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The newly introduced line of press-on-bands have excellent resistance to cuts and tears, high mileage and durability, and a great price-performance ratio, according to Continental.

The General Tire Trac is designed to excel in all types of outdoor applications where a gripping edge is required, Continental says. Its optimized tread design ensures best in class traction and high stability. The General Tire Smooth also promotes high stability and its smooth tread design excels in indoor applications where excellent traction and reduced chunking is needed for optimal performance, according to the company.

Both products are available immediately. For more information, visit

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