I’ve always been pretty terrible with numbers. Some people are born with that gene and some aren’t lucky enough to inherit those analytical...Read More

Winter tires have been around since 1934, when Finnish tiremaker Nokian introduced them for trucks. Two years later, Nokian added sizes for  passenger cars. This...Read More

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You tell yourself, you’re the best tire dealership in your area. But, how do you really know that’s true? Do you have basis for...Read More

The tire industry is again facing a petition placed to enact tariffs against imported tires manufactured by factories located in China. The Department of...Read More

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Although the mechanics of modern master cylinders seem deceptively simple, today’s dual-piston or tandem master cylinders still require the utmost in care and attention...Read More

The new R-1234yf refrigerant is more than just a new jumble of numbers and letters on a label. For your shop, R-1234yf means several...Read More

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In 1966, an ad in the newspaper and a $1,500 loan helped a country boy from Oklahoma find work running an Esso service station...Read More

In my October 2015 article “A Winning Workplace,” I wrote about the importance of employee engagement and creating an organization that top talent...Read More

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