The issue of tire/wheel assembly balance has been debated for decades. Several significant changes have influenced these discussions, which resulted in changes to maintenance...Read More

Many of us make New Year's resolutions each year.  We resolve to do things such as lose weight or spend more time with family....Read More

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Federal Tire Corp.'s Da-Wu Chen Federal Tire Corp. was founded a little over 60 years ago by Chi San Ma, in...Read More

It was totally ironic that Warren Zevon’s “Disorder in the House” was playing in the background when I started piecing this column together. It...Read More

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The transmission fluid level should reach only the “add” mark when cold and, regardless of color, the fluid should be...Read More

1. Where is the wear? Like a tire, the friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt, usually on the tops and...Read More

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Best Advice: Listen More Than You Talk Click here to read The Next Level: Understanding the Costs of Business Growth Click here to read Palaces of Consumption or...Read More

NHTSA recently released two new studies that show that while the nation’s decades-long campaign to combat drunk driving continues to make roads safer, the...Read More

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