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Yokohama OHT Releases New 29-In. Loader Radial Size Tire


Yokohama Off-Highway Tire introduced an 875/65R29 size of its rugged Yokohama RT41 L-4 radial for front-end loaders, adding the popular 29-in. size to its RT41 lineup.

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Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, noted that the new size features the multi-layer belt package with Yokohama’s special, OTR belt wires that add durability, stability and puncture resistance to the RT41. The tire’s buttressed sidewalls reduce snags and cuts, high turn-up carcass construction that minimizes sway, and a hexagonal bead to ensure powerful rim contact. As with the 25-inch versions of the RT41, the non-directional block tread of the new 875/65R29 features Yokohama cut-and-wear-resistant compound for long service life.

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OTR/Ag/Specialty Tires

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