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Toyo’s Celsius Plans to One-up All-Season Tires


Toyo Celsius

Toyo Tire USA Corp. is rolling out a new tire that’s not quite an all-season tire, but not quite a winter tire; the Toyo Celsius is what Toyo is calling a “variable-conditions” tire.

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Built to perform in ice and snow and have traction in all-season conditions, the Celsius is the unusual hybrid between your typical all-season and winter tire.

Convenience is key

As a new Toyo line available exclusively to the U.S., but with the potential to expand into Canada, the tire is currently available for passenger and CUV vehicles.

With the new tire, Toyo said it is focusing on safety, convenience and no regrets. The tire boasts the safety of a winter tire, convenience of an all-season tire and a 60,000 mile warranty and Toyo Tires No Regrets 45-Day, 500-Mile Trial offer, according to the tiremaker. The tire also bears the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol and has longer tread life than a winter tire.


“Toyo Celsius is an upgrade for anyone expecting, or not expecting, to drive in ice and snow this winter on all-season tires,” said Roy Bromfield, COO of Toyo Tire USA Corp. “The convenience and safety of Celsius is a tremendous benefit in today’s busy world and answers the demand for hassle-free, one-stop solutions.”

Toyo is also launching new Web-based training that will include the Celsius and allow dealers to become part of a rewards system.

Two treads, one tire 

Bromfield adds that Toyo has been built on the success of identifying and mastering new and emerging driver-focused tire categories and expects the variable-conditions tire to be a success for both the company and dealers.

Toyo Celsius

Toyo Celsius

With an asymmetrical tread design, the tire has the traction capability on snow and ice of a winter tire as well as the ability to perform on wet and dry roads like an all-season tire.

The inside tread functions much like a winter tire. Higher sipe density provides more biting edges to increase traction on snow and ice, Toyo said. Additionally, the tire features snow claws to improve deep snow traction and slush grooves that provide increased traction on slush and snow.


In turn, the outside tread is built like an all-season tire, according to Toyo. Lower sipe density provides grip and traction for wet and dry roads, while the multi-wave sipe design also helps increase block rigidity, giving the tire better traction on icy, wet and dry road conditions, the tiremaker said. Snow claws are also present on the outside tread.

“Our goal is not to replace winter tires,” Bromfield said. “But there is a great opportunity for our dealers to upsell to more winter safety from traditional all-season tires. Year-round versatility and convenience plus winter-weather safety in one is a powerful package.”


Dealers can order the Celsius immediately. Toyo plans to launch consumer marketing and advertising in mid September.

The Celsius has 22 passenger car sizes ranging 14 to 17 inches and 24 CUV tires ranging 17 to 20 inches. Passenger tires are manufactured at the tiremaker’s Malaysia plant, while CUV tires are produced at its Georgia plant.



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