TIA Says Right to Repair Pact Doesn’t Go Far Enough

TIA Says Right to Repair Pact Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The Tire Industry Association says the agreement lacks the necessary teeth to ensure compliance.

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) does not endorse the recently announced right-to-repair pact between the Automotive Service Association, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation due to several critical factors.

“While TIA acknowledges the positive intent and certain aspects of the agreement, the current pact falls short in adequately addressing the concerns of consumers and protecting their rights along with those of the independent automotive repair market,” Roy Littlefield IV, TIA’s vice president of government affairs, said.

Foremost among TIA’s concerns is the absence of an enforcement mechanism and the power of law within the pact, Littlefield said. Without clear enforcement provisions, the agreement lacks the necessary teeth to ensure compliance, leaving consumers vulnerable to potential exploitation and inadequate protection, TIA says.

“TIA firmly believes that any meaningful right-to-repair initiative must possess robust enforcement mechanisms to safeguard consumer rights effectively,” Littlefield said.

Further, the pact undermines the ongoing efforts in Congress to pass a comprehensive bill that would provide greater protection for consumers, TIA says.

“By diverting attention and resources away from legislative measures, the current agreement may inadvertently hinder progress on more encompassing reforms that are urgently needed,” Littlefield said.

The pact also fails to adequately address the issue of telematics. With the increasing prevalence of telematics systems in modern vehicles, it is crucial to establish clear guidelines and regulations that grant consumers access to necessary vehicle data, Littlefield said. The current pact falls short of providing a comprehensive framework to address this vital concern, TIA says.

Moreover, TIA says the pact does not offer adequate protection to consumers and fails to cover all automakers. To ensure fairness and equal access to repair information and tools, any effective right-to-repair initiative should encompass all automakers, without exceptions, according to the association. The current pact’s limited scope undermines the goal of providing a level playing field for consumers and perpetuates inequalities within the automotive industry.

“While TIA appreciates the spirit and elements of the agreement, it firmly believes that the current pact does not resolve the core issues faced by consumers in the tire industry,” Littlefield said. “Instead, it creates confusion and potential harm, ultimately falling short of meeting the pressing needs of consumers.”

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