Step by Step: How to Properly Change an EV Tire

Step by Step: How to Properly Change an EV Tire

Tire changing is a straightforward procedure for most technicians, but the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs will introduce some changes.

As electric vehicles (EVs) rapidly transform the automotive landscape, routine tasks like tire changes will take on new complexity, requiring updated equipment and increased technician training. Tire changing is a straightforward procedure for most technicians, but the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs will introduce some changes, particularly when it comes to addressing the added weight of EVs.

Without the proper equipment, auto shops risk technician injuries and potential vehicle damage, incurring substantial costs to the customers. Even with the right tools, some shops may hesitate to service EVs, often due to a lack of training or knowledge.

To explore how shops can bridge the gap, we got hands-on and changed a 2021 Tesla Model Y’s OE tires to Hankook’s new iON evo AS tire designed for EVs. We found that, with the right adapters, EV tire changes make for a manageable process, nearly identical to traditional ICE vehicle tire changes.

EV Tire Rubber adapter
Using the wrong lifting points or methods on an EV can lead to damage to the battery pack, undercarriage, or other critical components. Shops are advised to use rubber lifting adapters to avoid these issues. The adapter fits between the lift arm and lift point on the vehicle.
All Tesla models have four lift points near the rockers. Once the EV is safely lifted using the adapters, it’s time to change the tire.
Our ASE-certified technician, Andrew Markel, begins by removing the 19-in. tire that comes OE on the Tesla Model Y. To access the lug nuts, you might have to remove the aero wheel cover.
To release the rear parking brake on a Tesla, you will have to activate the tow or service mode.
Like any other tire, the beads need to be lubricated before mounting.
Tesla bluetooth TPMS
Tesla uses Bluetooth LE TPMS sensors that automatically sync to your customer’s Model Y. Shops should be prepared to know how to service these Tesla-specific TPMS sensors.
For EVs, tire balance is essential because any imbalance can affect the overall efficiency and range for the customer.
Andrew places the Hankook iON evo AS tire following the change and balancing.
The finished product: a look at the Tesla Model Y with its new Hankook iON evo AS tires.

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