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2019 Newsmakers: Giti Tire USA

Giti Tire USA says over the next five years, it plans to release one to two new products each year for the North American market as it aggressively ramps up its production capacity at the plant. Find out what’s in store for 2020.


Tire Review is showcasing 2019 “Newsmakers” — companies that have made headlines in the past year with tire-related news about new technology, plant openings, marketing initiatives, dealer program updates, product launches and more — that made the list as determined by top engagement on tirereview.comAfter a brief overview of each Newsmakers’ newsworthy item(s), you’ll find a company executive’s answer to this question: What can dealers expect from your company in 2020, highlighting key dealer-focused initiatives, programs and events?


News in 2019

After opening its first plant in the U.S. a little over two years ago, Giti Tire USA has been in growth mode. With 700 employees and counting, the 1.7 million-square-foot plant operates using a straight line manufacturing system – raw materials are mixed into the tire’s sub-components on the south end of the plant, and on the north end, the finished product is stored in a 400,000 square-foot warehouse. The company says over the next five years, it plans to release one to two new products each year for the North American market as it aggressively ramps up its production capacity at the plant.


Thomas Okihisa, Director of Marketing:

“With the launch of the Maxtour LX product line in 2019 and several new products on the way, 2020 will be an exciting year for the GT Radial brand.

“In addition to the Maxtour LX, which covers fitments for the top 20 passenger and crossover  vehicles sold in the US, our dealers can look forward to the Adventuro HT for pickup and SUV owners. This new product, which has performed extremely well on our mileage, handling and noise tests, will be backed by a 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty.


“Both patterns were designed and developed at our US R&D facility which is in the manufacturing plant at Richburg, SC, where the tires are also made.

“To support our new products and the brand, we are offering the GT Radial Smart Program to associate dealers. The program provides incentives, marketing support materials, signage and on-line training to assist associate dealers push the brand. On top of that, we’re launching an all-new website and are increasing promotional activities such as our return to Formula DRIFT competition.

“Our passenger and light truck tire manufacturing facility will continue ramping up production in 2020. Our hard-working, dedicated workforce will soon be producing 10,000 tires a day. Our dealers can have utmost confidence in the quality of our American-made tires.  This, along with “American Engineering,” are great selling points to many consumers.


“For people who have not experienced GT Radial quality before, we offer a 30-Day Test Drive Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as a road hazard warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance on key products. These are strong selling points to get consumers to try their first set of GT Radial tires; then, we are confident they will become satisfied repeat customers.

“Each and every GT Radial tire is a product of extensive research and the latest technology. Drivers can expect great performance and have ultimate confidence on the road when driving on GT Radial.”

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