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2019 Newsmakers: Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility and launched numerous new products. See what’s in store for 2020.


Tire Review is showcasing 2019 “Newsmakers” — companies that have made headlines in the past year with tire-related news about new technology, plant openings, marketing initiatives, dealer program updates, product launches and more — that made the list as determined by top engagement on tirereview.comAfter a brief overview of each Newsmakers’ newsworthy item(s), you’ll find a company executive’s answer to this question: What can dealers expect from your company in 2020, highlighting key dealer-focused initiatives, programs and events?


News in 2019

Nokian Tyres expanded its North American presence with the opening of its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Dayton, Tennessee, in October. Nokian hopes the 830,000-square-foot plant will allow the company to double its sales in North America by 2023. The company also launched several new tires in 2019, including winter tires, light truck tires, all-weather tires and more.


Mark Earl, Senior Vice President:

“After Nokian Tyres opened our North American factory in 2019, we’ll use our premium facility to grow our presence in the region in 2020. As the inventor of the winter and all-weather tires, we’ve provided North American dealers and drivers with innovative products for decades. Now, many of those products will be made in the United States, including an expanded selection of all-season tires. That will allow us to tailor our product mix to the needs of North American drivers and shorten lead times for those products to reach dealers’ shops. Here’s how we aim to serve dealers in 2020:

  1. Start of tire production in North America: Our Dayton, Tennessee, factory will begin producing tires for commercial sale in the coming year. We are eager to craft premium products that provide drivers with peace of mind and enhance our relationships with dealers throughout North America.
  2. New products built for North American roads: As our factory comes online, expect to see us deepen our product lineup. We recently launched the Nokian One HT, a light truck and SUV tire built to provide toughness and comfort for North American roads. Keep an eye out for other premium, innovative products in 2020 and beyond.
  3. Enhanced tools to help dealers grow: We will use fresh tools to make it even easier to sell our premium products. Dealers will enjoy premium point-of-purchase materials, easy-to-use online marketing solutions and geo-targeted digital solutions designed to attract drivers to their shops.

 “At Nokian Tyres, we’re laser-focused on providing drivers with peace of mind in all conditions — and giving dealers what they need to succeed. We hope this is a helpful snapshot of the safe, sustainable ways we’ll serve that goal in 2020.”


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