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2019 Newsmakers: BKT USA

BKT announced in the fall that its new carbon black plant within the Bhuj, India, production site will run at 100% capacity by 2021. Find out what’s in store for 2020.


Tire Review is showcasing 2019 “Newsmakers” — companies that have made headlines in the past year with tire-related news about new technology, plant openings, marketing initiatives, dealer program updates, product launches and more — that made the list as determined by top engagement on tirereview.comAfter a brief overview of each Newsmakers’ newsworthy item(s), you’ll find a company executive’s answer to this question: What can dealers expect from your company in 2020, highlighting key dealer-focused initiatives, programs and events?

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News in 2019: BKT announced in the fall that its new carbon black plant within the Bhuj, India, production site will run at 100% of its capacity by 2021. This significant $75 million-investment (initially USD $23 million) provides vital raw material within the tire manufacturing supply chain. Around 50% of the carbon black produced at the new plant is being used in BKT’s tire manufacturing process, while the other remaining 50% is sold on the market.


BKT is the only company in the Indian tire industry to have its own carbon black production plant, the company says.


Minoo Mehta, President:

“2020 seems to be a promising year compared to 2019, which has been challenging due to market conditions.  BKT remained strong throughout 2019 but is looking forward to a better 2020.

 “We are very predictable in what we offer to our dealers/distributors:

  • Excellent consistent quality made better by continuously upgrading the machinery at our plants.
  • Best value products at fair prices with the introduction of new sizes and patterns to further add to our large product screen.
  • Full marketing and technical support and incentive policies that help in the sales out of our dealers/distributor’s warehouse and ensure them a strong bottom line.”

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