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Wilcox Supply Inc. Creates Online Store: Discount Tire Supply

Wilcox Supply Inc. has taken its product catalog online at Discount Tire Supply.


Wilcox Supply Discount Tire Supply

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Wilcox Supply Inc., veterans of the industry, has taken its expansive product catalog online to make it simpler for customers to get the shop supplies and equipment they need.

The online store, called Discount Tire Supply, was launched last month and born out of necessity, said Austin Liu, managing director of operations and marketing for the new company. Over the years, Wilcox customers consistently requested a one-stop e-commerce solution that displays the company’s entire catalog of products in an easy-to-navigate environment. 


“We decided it was time to create an online experience that did just that,” Liu says about Discount Tire Supply. “We offer a complete selection within a website that’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Combining that with excellent service and quick shipping time, we hope to reach a national audience and become the premier destination for anything and everything tire supply/equipment related.”

The products offered on Discount Tire Supply include:

  • Tire Repair materials and tools
  • Valve hardware and tools
  • Wheel balancing products
  • Alignment shims and accessories
  • Retread products
  • Tire changers and accessories
  • Tire balancers and accessories
  • Brake lathe equipment and accessories
  • And much, much more!

Discount Tire Supply stocks supplies and equipment from manufacturers including Group 31, Rema, Haltec, Alligator, Plombco, Corghi, Champion, Branick, AME and others.


The tire industry is gradually adapting to the increasingly digital world. Discount Tire Supply allows customers the ease to shop on their own time and the ability to manage their own inventories.

The company promises that 99% of items are in stock and ready to ship the same day. In fact, Discount Tire Supply is offering 10% off anything in the store exclusively to Tire Review readers. Click here to access the discount code.


To learn more about Discount Tire Supply and its products, visit


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