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Vredestein Debuts its First UHP A/S Tire for North America

Aimed at giving drivers options for whatever weather they face, Vredestein launched its first UHP all-season tire built for the North American market: the Vredestein Hypertrac.

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The tire, available to order in 38 sizes, kicks off Vredestein’s portfolio growth in the North American market for 2020, as the tiremaker promises to release a new product every three months. Abhishek Bisht, global head of new markets and channels for Apollo Tyres Ltd., Vredestein’s parent company, said the company set out to create a tire with superior wet performance capabilities in line with market trends and preferences of today’s consumers.

“Today’s vehicle owners place a higher premium on versatile performance than ever before and are looking for supreme confidence across a wide range of road surfaces, conditions and climates,” Bisht said.


According to Vredestein data, the 17-in.-plus segment in the replacement market – and in W, Y, Z, V and H speed ratings—represents 51% of the replacement market.    

With this in mind, the company considered the climate diversity in North America, setting its sights on creating a tire with strong wet performance, since a large part of the continent sees precipitation throughout the year. Bisht said several iterations of the tire were tested across different parts of the U.S. as well as in Finland to expose the tread to the elements.

The Hypertrac features:

  • A high-void tread pattern and optimized groove positions that allow faster water evacuation from the contact patch;
  • A tread compound that consists of a polymer-blend ratio tuned for superior wet grip;
  • Tire contour designed for dynamic pressure distribution and an optimized footprint;
  • Agility and precision-handling capabilities, with a highly engineered tire structure;
  • A balance of handling in demanding wet and dry conditions;
  • And a tread pattern with wider outer shoulders to help deliver improved cornering response.

The tire’s sidewall is also customized with a ripple effect design, created by Italian design firm, Italdesign Giugiaro, co-founded by the famed automobile designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. Bisht said this design element is an outward reflection of the tire’s wet performance characteristics.

“Hypertrac is a successful validation of Vredestein’s research, testing and high-tech manufacturing capabilities,” said Daniele Lorenzetti, chief technology officer at Apollo Tyres. “Our global expertise, combined with a local focus on the North American market, has delivered a tire that we believe sets new standards for the all-season UHP category.”

Bisht said not only has the tire excelled in third-party testing, but it also comes with advantages for dealers who sell it. Vredestein says the Hypertrac is priced among tires in the lower Tier 1 category.


After it debuted the Wintrac Pro and all-weather Quatrac Pro last year, the Hypertrac rounds out the brand’s performance tire portfolio in North America, Bisht said.

“Hypertrac represents the next-generation of Vredestein technology, and has been engineered with the specific needs of North American consumers in mind,” said Bisht. “We are proud of this extraordinary new product, and we firmly believe it will transform how drivers view ultra-high-performance tires. Hypertrac delivers in all seasons, with no compromises, and it establishes the tone for the standards of quality, capability, and performance we will continue bringing to North America through 2020.”


The Hypertrac, which will be produced at Vredestein’s manufacturing plant in Hungary, comes in 38 sizes fitting 16- to 20-in. rim diameters. It features a 100-day trial period and a 50,000-mile warranty.

Bisht said Vredestein has three new additions specifically built for the North American market planned for 2020, including the debut of a passenger and CUV tire, an all-terrain tire for SUVs and 4x4s, as well as a highway-terrain tire.

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