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Vredestein Launches Full Range of New Tires for the U.S.

The company says the new tire lineup marks the culmination of a $30 million research-and-development effort.


Vredestein has launched a comprehensive brand offensive backed by a full range of new tire lines explicitly designed for and developed in North America.

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The company says this marks the culmination of a $30 million research-and-development effort. The result, Vredestein says, is a complete line of ultra-high-performance tires for North America’s diverse geography and regional climates, a new high-performance tire line aimed at some of the most popular mainstream vehicle segments in the region, as well as Vredestein’s first-ever dedicated truck and SUV tire.

The company says the new Vredestein lineup, while developed in and for North America, maintains Vredestein’s European identity.

The range of Vredestein passenger tires available now to tire retailers across North America is as follows, as described by Vredestein:

  • Hypertrac – Vredestein’s new all-season ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire is designed to offer superb performance on both wet and dry road surfaces for drivers of premium sport sedans, coupes and SUVs.
  • Quatrac Pro – Vredestein’s UHP all-weather tire offers drivers a single solution that performs for cars and crossovers year-round, including the winter months.
  • Wintrac Pro – Vredestein’s dedicated winter UHP tire is developed for drivers who do not want to compromise on performance and handling.
  • Ultrac Vorti – Vredestein’s flagship summer ultra-high-performance tire is developed for the world’s greatest sports cars and supercars to unlock their maximum dynamic potential.
  • Hitrac – Vredestein’s new high-performance all-season tire is designed to invigorate the daily drive experience and unlock the full potential of North America’s most popular mainstream sedans and crossovers, while maintaining the quiet and comfort that makes the daily commute more pleasant.
  • Pinza – Vredestein’s first dedicated truck and SUV tire line, launching in early 2021, is engineered to deliver the off-road capability expected of a premium all-terrain tire without the sacrifices many drivers are forced to accept as a trade-off. When it transitions from the trail to paved surfaces, Pinza offers unparalleled comfort and quiet operation, as well as excellent performance in wet and winter weather.

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