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Apollo Vredestein Introduces New Winter Tire Program

Apollo Vredestein says it has introduced its latest winter campaign focused on maximizing dealer profitability, adding that the line-up of performance, standard and studded winter tires offers dealers profit margins of up to 50% if dealers sign up for the program within the timeline.

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The company says the program starts with a minimum order of two containers, with steeper incentives for larger order quantities.

The company’s current winter range is in its seventh generation. For premium vehicles, the Wintrac Pro is available. For icier conditions, the Wintrac Ice has studs inserted to maximize grip in slick conditions; for consumers wanting a standard performance winter tire, the Snowtrac 5 offers winter capabilities for everyday winter driving conditions, the company says.

Vredestein adds its winter range spans over 200 sizes, and 20% of the range is 20-in. and above, with the addition of 16 new sizes in the over-20-in. segment coming in 2020.

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