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Kenda Updates UHP Tires to Win Racing Podiums [Audio]

Kenda is out to demonstrate its ‘Podium to Pavement’ credo in performance racing.

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Kenda Updates UHP Tires to Win Racing Podiums, Talks ‘Four-Season’ Tires 

Kenda is taking its ‘Podium to Pavement’ philosophy to the track.

Whats Treading Kenda Ryan lewis
Gallery: Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02 Ride-n-Drive

Smoke filled the air as professional drivers whipped around the curves of an autocross course at the BMW Performance Driving School, pushing Continental’s ExtremeContact Sport 02 tire to its limits. The company’s newest UHP summer tire is geared toward enthusiasts, and to demonstrate just how well the tire performs both on track and street, Continental

Continental Tire Launches ExtremeContact Sport02

Continental Tire announced the release of its all-new ExtremeContact Sport02, a summer ultra-high performance tire for passenger cars ranging in size from 15-21-in. rim diameters. Ideal for both the street and the track, Continental says this tire comes complete with SportPlus Technology, which provides responsive handling, a better grip on wet roads and extended tread

From F1 to the Showroom: Talking Racing Heritage with Pirelli

It was a warm and sunny day in Austin, Texas, when my life changed forever. With my face pressed firmly against the tall safety fence leading up to turn one at Circuit of The Americas, I saw a race car do something that defied my understanding of physics up until that point in my life.

The Science Behind Ultra-High-Performance Tires

The dream of going fast began soon after the invention of gasoline-fueled vehicles in 1880. The first true race was held in 1895 from Paris to Bordeaux and back with a distance of 1,178 km (732 mi.) and average speed of 24.15 kph (15 mph). In the same year, the first 54-mile race from Chicago

Yokohama Tire Launches New Advan Sport V107

Yokohama Tire’s ultra-high performance Advan line has a new family member: the Advan Sport V107. This new tire is initially available in 54 sizes ranging from 18 to 22 in., with more sizes up to 23-in. fitments slated for release in early 2023. Yokohama Tire says this new addition to the Advan series features: An

Touring Tire Trend Holds Steady

While there have been – and will continue to be – changes in the touring tire market, the segment is holding steady and remains an important part of a tire dealer’s product mix. The touring market, defined by Kenda Tires as metric or p-metric applications that apply to automotive platforms for both cars and CUVs,

Falken Tires Introduces All-Season Azenis FK460 A/S Tire

Falken Tires has introduced the Azenis FK460, the company’s latest all-season tire. Falken says the new FK460 was developed from the company’s 4D nanotechnology. Falken says the nanotech produces a rubber compound that achieves four-season traction and long tread life. The tire’s tread pattern features emerging grooves and interlocking sipes which Falken says ensures that

Goodyear Expands its Electric Vehicle Tire Portfolio

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced the launch of the all-new Goodyear ElectricDrive all-season tire and two new sizes for its ultra-high performance tire, the Goodyear ElectricDrive GT. With the addition of four new sizes to its EV tire lineup, Goodyear says the ElectricDrive is now a fit for 44% more battery electric vehicles

4 New Tires in 1 Year: Nexen Talks Product Strategy, Marketing Goals [Audio]

In the last year, Nexen Tire America has launched four tires in key segments with no plans of stopping. It has also moved its headquarters from southern California to Richfield, Ohio, to be closer to its R&D center, and has doubled down on its motorsports partnerships and OE fitments. So, how is the tiremaker faring

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Yokohama Tire Unveils Advan Neova AD09 Track & Street Tire

Yokohama Tire’s latest member of the Advan family is the Advan Neova AD09. Available now in sizes ranging from 15- to 20-in., the AD09 features an extreme grip for faster lap times, razor-sharp handling, superior wet performance and constant performance on the street and track, the company says. A total of 51 sizes are planned for