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TRIB, DKE Enterprises to Promote Retreading in California

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) joined forces with DKE Enterprises Inc. (DBA DK Enterprises), who was awarded the California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Retread Tire Services Contract (DRR19084) on July 23.

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TRIB and DK Enterprises, a California-based company, will provide the expertise to fulfill the scope of the contract.

Through this multi-year Retread Tire Services Contract, TRIB and DK Enterprises will assist CalRecycle in increasing the use of retreaded tires through education and training for potential retread users, as well as providing relevant research information to business and government policy decision-makers.

TRIB and DK Enterprises say this contract is designed primarily to:

  1. Effectively use end-of-life resources;
  2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  3. Reduce tire disposal; and
  4. Pursue a demand-driven, sustainable and diversified approach for retread tire market development in California.

“TRIB has been working with CalRecycle for a number of years to educate various state agencies about the environmental and economic benefits of retreading” said TRIB Managing Director, David Stevens. “Through this Contract and our partnership with DK Enterprises, we will now be able to expand our efforts to help drive increased retread tire adoption in California as well as helping California retreaders to continue to grow and expand their businesses.”


“DK Enterprises has been working as a contractor and subcontractor to CalRecycle since 2007 in new and existing tire-derived product and market development. A retread tire is the highest reuse of a tire in the hierarchy of tire recycling” said DK Enterprises President, Denise Kennedy. “This Contract includes evaluating the potential for certain market segments to use retread tires, developing an education and training video and digital market collateral, providing education and training webinars, and identification of what standardized testing is necessary to objectively evaluate the attributes of tire wear performance and rolling resistance of a retread tire”

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