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Trelleborg Launches PS1000 Material Handling Tire

Trelleborg’s “Pit Stop Line” is a bright orange band built into the tire that indicates it has about 100 hours of life remaining when it appears.


Trelleborg Wheel Systems launched the PS1000 tire for material handling applications during a live webinar Sept. 1.


The press-on solid forklift tire is being released in both smooth and traction versions, both of which incorporate Trelleborg’s “Pit Stop Line,” a bright orange band built into the tire that indicates the tire has approximately 100 hours of life remaining when it appears.


“As there’s little industry consistency as to when to pull a tire, the pit stop line takes care of this,” Marc Margossian, Trelleborg director of marketing, said during the presentation.

Margossian said the PS1000 has two layers of compounds in its internal construction. One compound is designed to enhance comfort, low rolling resistance and reduce heat build-up for maximum uptime. The other layer is designed to maximize tire life.


“Heat is a solid tire’s worst nightmare, and we’ve improved how we handle it,” Margossian said.

Both the smooth and traction versions can be produced in different compounds – multipurpose, non-marking, electrically conductive, ProHD or Protex – making the tires suitable for numerous applications, Margossian added.

Margossian described each compound during the presentation:

  • Multipurpose – A two-stage compound with excellent wear and rolling resistance
  • Non-marking – A white compound designed to keep floors clean from tire marks with excellent wear, rolling resistance and heat dissipation
  • Electrically conductive – A black compound to enhance safety in flammable and explosive environments, this compound discharges electricity and avoids spark generation
  • ProHD – A compound for heavy-duty applications, it’s designed to provide higher load-carrying capacity
  • Protex – A non-marking compound that features electrically conducting properties

Trelleborg says the smooth version offers excellent stability and comfort, as well as maximum service life due to its extra-deep tread and cushion compound, along with its concave sidewall shape. The traction version offers the same features, but with higher traction to optimize performance in wet conditions, the company says.


The PS1000 will be available on the global market in the coming months, starting with the smooth version in September, followed by the traction version in the first quarter of 2021.

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