Toyo Tires Uses Gamification in New T3+ Training Program

Toyo Tires Uses Gamification in New T3+ Training Program

The company says the T3+ program provides a more convenient and interactive experience for tire distributors and retailers to expand their Toyo Tires knowledge.

Toyo Tires launched the Toyo Tires T3+ Games On The Go training program—an online learning platform in which distributors, dealers and their staffs can play educational games and win exclusive prizes from the tire-maker. The T3+ program is meant to complement Toyo’s existing T3 program by providing a more convenient and interactive experience through gamification, offering a quick and fun way for tire distributors and retailers to expand their Toyo Tires knowledge, the company says.

‘We understand how the next generation wants to learn– I call it TikTok learning,” said Sonny McDonald, senior national training manager for Toyo. “It’s short bursts of video content that can be accessed on the go for our customers to constantly engage with our products.”

McDonald said the T3+ Games On The Go platform can be accessed through Toyo’s T3 program. Once logged in, distributors, dealers and their staffs have the option to learn through the T3 training program’s 15- to 20-minute education sessions or the T3+ Games on the Go’s interactive activities that take less than five minutes. The games are meant to be played on a mobile device. McDonald said subject matter covered in the T3+ platform is divided into categories around Toyo’s passenger and commercial tire lineup, its marketing partnerships and technical content.

With each game played, users accumulate points, which can earn them prizes, such as Toyo-branded merchandise and other large prizes, like a PlayStation 5. The more games played and points earned, the higher the user climbs on the platform’s leaderboard.

“We want there to be that healthy competition between people,” McDonald said. “That’s what makes it exciting.”

Wendy Nicolle, senior manager of product marketing and dealer support, said to keep users engaged and playing, they will also be able to earn badges that signify them getting closer to a certain prize. For example, a user is recognized for consistently playing or answering questions quickly.

“We want constant engagement,” she said. “We want people to live our brand, love training and get excited about it.”


Nicolle said the games on the platform will be refreshed each week so that players are always learning new information. In the near future, dealers and distributors will be able to target training around a specific Toyo segment or product ust their organization.

“They’ll be able to create a question specifically for their dealers and for those in their dealership,” McDonald said. “For example, if someone wants to focus and specialize in winter products, they can train their people with this platform and their employees can finish training on that topic anywhere, anytime.”

Nicolle said thousands of Toyo’s customers have already started using the platform and early feedback has been positive. She said an advantage of this platform for Toyo is to see in what areas customers are knowledgeable about the company’s products and in which they need more education.

“On the back end, we’re able to see what people are struggling with and create content to educate them around on that topic further,” she added.

McDonald said through the T3+ platform, the ultimate goal is to better equip their customers with knowledge about Toyo and its product lines to better inform customers.

“My goal is to create Toyo ambassadors,” McDonald said. “The more familiar customers are with our product lines, the easier and more comfortable they’ll be talking about them, which means it will be easier to sell to customers. We want to help dealers be successful.”

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