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TireStamp Launches TireVigil Cloud Service

TireStamp Inc. has updated, enhanced, and redesigned its previous TPMS product line to the TireVigil Cloud Service brand.


TireStamp Inc. has updated, enhanced, and redesigned its previous TPMS product line to the TireVigil Cloud Service brand.

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TireStamp’s TPMS 2.0 solutions “monitor a fleet’s tires in the cloud 24/7.”

“By connecting every vehicle to the cloud and knowing how long tires can run before they reach catastrophic alert levels, enroute tire-related breakdowns are eliminated, operations are not disrupted unnecessarily, tread wear and casing life is optimized, fuel economy is maximized and safety is improved,” said Peggy Fisher, president of TireStamp.

The TireVigil Cloud Service includes:

1. TPMS 2.0 Service: an advanced TPMS that monitors tire conditions with vehicle location and connects each vehicle to the TireVigil Cloud.
2. Automated INTELLAlerting Service: a tire alert platform that utilizes “intelligent” algorithms to calculate cold inflation pressure and not only categorizes alerts by their severity, but also recognizes the appropriate fleet resources to receive alerts. It also provides mileage-based reminders for checking wheel nut torque after tire changes.
3. Scheduled Reporting Service: simplifies tire management by automatically generating fleet-wide and location-specific reports on tire service and quality, useful to both managers and technicians.
4. Always On TireWatch Service: a tire servicing app that provides visibility of all tire issues and vehicle location, prioritizes tire issues, and makes sensor management, tire service and its recordkeeping easy.
5. API Data Exchange Service: an Application Program Interface (API) that exchanges information between programs so that other fleet management systems and service providers can write software that uses TireVigil Cloud data.


TireVigil Cloud data is bundled with unlimited alerts, reports and usage of the Always On TireWatch servicing app for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

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