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Bartec Releases Latest TPMS Tool Software Update

Bartec USA has released the latest TPMS tool software update, which the company says adds significant coverage for the Rite-Sensor. In addition, the update adds new model year tool coverage and increases Bartec’s OBD II capabilities. Bartec said it is continuously developing aftermarket sensor coverage while improving tool features and functions. Its latest software release

Bartec TPMS Tool Update
Top 10 Stories of 2022

As the tire industry continues to recover from pandemic supply chain strains, 2022 brought a host of new tire launches as well as excitement around emerging tire trends… and topics that make you scratch your head. I think you’ll definitely see what I mean in this year’s list of top stories from 2022. To compile

Why Winter Weather Affects TPMS

Winter is here, which could mean unexpected TPMS issues for your customers. In some parts of the country, arctic temperatures and massive snowfall create nasty driving conditions, opening the door for tire pressure issues to form and sensors lighting up dashboards. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we review why your customers’

Michelin Launches MEMS Lite Solution

Michelin has launched its Michelin MEMS Lite solution, its newest offer in connected tires for surface mining and quarry vehicles. Michelin MEMS Lite is an entry-level tire MEMS solution that combines Michelin’s sensors to deliver periodic tire pressure and temperature readings. These tire sensors are mounted inside the tires, where data is captured periodically as

Michelin MEMS 4
ATEQ TPMS Tools Adopt Tesla BLE Technology

ATEQ TPMS Tools‘ VT67 TPMS diagnostic tool and tire management tablet will now be capable of reading and programming the Tesla BLE sensor. ATEQ said it’s the first TPMS tool manufacturer in the world to adopt BLE technology into its diagnostic tools. BLE sensors can be found in Tesla models such as the Model 3

Tips for Turning Off the TPMS Light

TPMS is an important and helpful safety component of the vehicle, yet sometimes the light can give technicians frustration. The tires are all filled up to placard pressure and yet the light still appears on the customer’s dash? What do you do? This means there are other problems a shop has to address. Those could

Three Ways to Avoid TPMS Valve Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of TPMS replacement. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we get into why it happens and how you can help your customers avoid it. TPMS corrosion can happen for a variety of reasons. It’s caused by a chemical reaction that takes place when certain metals

Five Common Mistakes that Make TPMS Unprofitable

TPMS service doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are several factors that can make it complicated. These include multiple sensor choices, application variants, scan tool issues and incorrect installation procedures. One way to avoid these problems and make your TPMS service easier and more profitable is to be aware of common pitfalls that technicians

Alligator RS Sensors Compatible with More Vehicles

Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors are now compatible with more vehicles. The vehicles that are now compatible include the 2020-2021 Ford Bronco SUV, 2014-2021 Dodge Ram HD Pick-Ups, the Chevy Corvette C5, 2020-2021 Hyundai Sonata, 2015-2018 Kia K900 and Subaru 433 MHz vehicles. Alligator says using sensors that have an auto-learning feature is especially

ATEQ TPMS Tools Introduces New Commercial Truck Tool

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC announced the addition of the VT Truck 2.0 to the ATEQ TPMS tool lineup. The ATEQ VT Truck 2.0 offers functionalities specifically designed for the maintenance of trucks and buses and includes all-new OBD coverage. With an all-new sturdy and compact design, the tool can easily read sensors, even in twin

What’s Next for TPMS Technology?

TPMS, like most technologies, is always evolving, and that is a good thing. The more accurate the system becomes and the more features that are added to a TPMS system, the more likely the driver will find value in keeping their TPMS system functioning. In the past 10 years alone: TPMS went from an optional

Why TPMS Tools are Used and How They Work

As a tire dealer, I am sure you have one or two TPMS tools laying around your shop. While they may be popular, diagnosing a malfunction might seem a bit confusing at times and somewhat time-consuming. Not to mention if you have to reprogram a diagnostic tool to meet the vehicle’s application specifications. In this