Making Race Tires for Formula Drift with GT Radial (Audio)

Making Race Tires for Formula Drift with GT Radial (Audio)

Giti Tire USA's David Poling explains the technology that goes into race tires and how GT Radial’s Formula Drift tires are built for the conditions.

A cloud of smoke arises from the GT Radial Champiro SX2 RS tires as Formula Drift Driver Odi Bakchis brakes to a halt. The tires are hot and worn after a few laps drifting, but they’ve kept Odi on the track for the full afternoon. So, what does in to the technological marvel that is race tires?

To answer this, David Poling, Giti Tire USA’s director of tire development and product marketing, sits down with us on this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX. Dave not only explains the technology that goes into race tires, but also how GT Radial’s tires for Formula Drift are built for the conditions and how this racing circuit serves as a proving ground for the company’s technology at a dealer’s counter.


  • How motorsports is the ultimate proving ground for tire technology (1:02);
  • The history behind GT Radial’s Formula Drift partnership (2:15);
  • What GT Radial need to consider in making a tire for Formula Drift (5:55);
  • How GT Radial’s Formula Drift partnership influences its brand awareness and can be a selling point for dealers at the counter (9:00);
  • Ways race tire technology can influence the compounding and construction of other performance tires (12:22);
  • Major advances in race tire technology in the market today (17:22).

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