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Product Spotlight: Tire Changers

The latest tire changers promise ergonomic designs for a comfortable and easy job performance. Additionally, they are designed to handle a variety of tire sizes, saving space, time and money at the shop.


atlas ttc 306Tire changing technology allows for improvements that can make equipment more functional without requiring any added effort from technicians. Operating a tire changer can be a dreaded job; old machines may involve technicians getting into awkward positions, and some older machines might not handle today’s larger wheels all that well. And over time, parts become stiff and operations require extra force to perform. The latest tire changers on the market promise ergonomic designs for a comfortable and easy job performance. Additionally, the latest machines are designed to handle a variety of tire sizes, saving space, time and money at the shop. Here are some of the latest offerings.

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Atlas TTC 306
The Atlas TTC 306 features a remote-controlled rotating bead breaker disc and mount/demount head that can be actuated from the remote console. This super duty Atlas truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 14 to 56 inches and tire diameters in excess of 97 inches, according to Greg Smith Equipment Sales. The Atlas truck tire changer can easily accommodate tires with a maximum coats 70xwidth of up to 53 inches. Additionally, the Atlas TTC 306 handles off-road tires, agricultural tires, super wide tires and skidder tires with ease, the company added.

Coats 70X
Hennessy Industries’ Coats 70X leverless tire changer features a unique mount/demount head that eliminates the use of manual tire tools, and an exclusive swing-arm locking mechanism that greatly reduces the operator effort required to change even the most challenging applications, according to the company. The 70X leverless tire changer was designed to maximize capability and efficiency across a broad range of tire and wheel fitments, and delivers increased productivity, the maker added.

Corghi A2030corghi a2030
Designed to work on large alloy wheels and low profile tires, Corghi said its A2030 offers user-friendliness, precision, functionality and versatility. According to the company, the A2030 features an automatic tire changer with pneumatically operated tilting column and 26-inch turntable, ideal for demounting car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels. The machine’s new technical and ergonomic characteristics ensure unrivaled speed and convenience during mounting and demounting operations. The turntable installed as standard uses a patented system, allowing the working range to be changed from 10 to 22 inches and 14 to 26 inches by a simple operator procedure, Corghi added. Its new shape is designed to ensure users working on large-diameter wheels easier, quicker wheel positioning during bead breaking.
coseng logo

Coseng Logo
The hands-free Coseng Logo offers a number of patented or patent-pending features, according to Coseng. The tire changer’s unique feature is the exclusive tire removal, or Logo, which enables the user to mount and demount any type of tire up to a total wheel diameter of 50 inches, including low profiles, reverse-mount wheels and run-flats, without additional tools. The Logo does the removal without aid of a bead removing lever or extra physical effort, Coseng said, adding the Logo ships ready as a plug-and-play machine and requires no additional options.

hofmann monty 1620
Hofmann Monty 1620
The Hofmann Monty 1620 is designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and car dealerships. According to the maker, the Monty 1620 swing-arm tire changer features a 21-inch outer-wheel clamping standard (26-inch with optional adapters), and accommodates tire diameters up to 50 inches and wheel widths of 15 inches. It also can be upgraded by adding Hofmann’s patented EasyMont Pro, aiding in single-operator mounting/de­mounting of extra-stiff, low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires.

Hunter TCX500hunter's powerout system
The PowerOut system, available on Hunter Engineering TCX500-series tire changers, provides fingertip bead-loosening controls outside of the wheel on the side-shovel handle. According to Hun­ter, this ergonomic design eliminates the foot-pedal control that often forces technicians into awkward positions when loosening beads. By operating the loosener at a more efficient and comfortable position, technicians gain additional power, speed and control, especially when servicing large or wide assemblies, the maker noted.    
hunter.comRanger R30XLT NextGen

Ranger R30XLT NextGen
The totally redesigned Ranger R30XLT NextGen series tire changer features a unique, simple and especially swift swing-arm design that can handle an astounding range of wheel and assembly sizes, according to BendPak. Three position jaws allow this tire changer to service anything from a 10-inch ATV wheel up to a 28-inch wheel, while the single assist tower performs all the same functions usually requiring two assist towers. Finally, the maker added the mount-demount tool can be adjusted with only one hand, so even as the arm swings out, operators can keep the tooling aligned with the wheel.

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