Scott Blair, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Mounting & Demounting a Tire the Correct Way

In both rim clamp and pedestal tire changers, specific techniques are followed to ensure correct dismounting and mounting of tires.

Fine-Tuning Your Wheel Balancing Process

The first step to a smooth ride and well-balanced tire has nothing to do with the balancer.

Wheel balancing
Charging for Proper Tire Service: Tire Mounting and Demounting

Most consumers have no idea how technical it is to be able to mount/demount tires. This process involves two to three times more steps than the average consumer realizes and, unfortunately, more than many tire dealers get credit for performing.

Rethinking Your Wheel Weight Assortment

Your wheel weights could be hiding indirect costs related to them falling off or losing their adhesion, which leads to comebacks for rebalancing.

Know New Training and Products That Will Keep Your Shop Profitable

Recently, you’ve heard me say, “nothing is easy.” That’s my new slogan. It doesn’t matter how simple an action seems, it will get complicated quickly. For instance, I recently heard from a friend, Jared, who sold a set of wheels for a new 2010 Camaro. The wheels were the same size as OE. All he

Rebuilding Business Confidence by Networking, Expanding Offering

The last few years have been an eye-opening experience for most Americans. We got fat and complacent and didn’t worry about tomorrow. We also fell into the “If we build it, they will come” mentality and forgot how to actively and aggressively find new business. After getting my butt kicked, I believe that I have

The Next Step: Define a Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Business

After writing about the high performance market for the last eight years, I am turning my attention on marketing and business development, with the focus being on providing you with insights and fresh new approaches to expanding your market, grabbing new customers and “selling” products to all of your tire customers. For the first quarterly

Taking Stock: Be Ready with Performance Upgrade Options for 2010

Many times over the years, the automotive aftermarket has been given a platform that has largely contributed to a $35+ billion industry. This year, that car was the 2010 Camaro. Baer Brakes has introduced their Baer Claw Extreme (one piece rotors) and Extreme-Plus (two piece rotors) brake systems in the 14-inch 6S and massive 15-inch

Playing it Smart: Companies Adapt Wheel Trends in a Recovering Economy

The best thing about being at the bottom is that there is only one way to go: Up. 2009 has been a dismal year for the aftermarket industry, especially custom wheels. Manufacturers and distributors felt the downturn in 2008 and held off on new styles that required capital investment in molds and inventory. Going in

Top Shop Honorees Share More Keys to Success

I have written this column for several years now, many times discussing various aspects of performance, whether it is tires, wheels or suspensions. And I’ve tried to focus on tangible items we can touch and measure, one against another, to derive the best product for a given application. As we head to Las Vegas and

Prep Work: How Dealers Can Get a Jump on ESC Requirements

Overall traffic fatalities reported in 2008 hit their lowest level since 1961. TheU.S. Department of Transportation released this statement in July. Theywent on to say, “that fatalities in the first three months of 2009continued to decrease. The fatality rate, which accounts for variableslike fewer miles traveled, also reached the lowest level ever recorded.” Asdifficult as

Track-Inspired: Racing Programs Help Dealers Make Real-World Recommendations

How many of us have heard how products designed for the street were developed on a race track? Manyof the claims such as this are not much more than marketing hype. Forthe tire industry though, we can truly say that our products translatedirectly from the raceway to the highway. I recently had anopportunity to drive