Pirelli releases Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3 all-season UHP tire designed for SUVs and light trucks

Pirelli releases Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3 all-season UHP tire designed for SUVs and light trucks

Pirelli said the tire combines the sporty performance of its Zero product line with the durability of the its Plus line.

Pirelli introduced the Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3, a new ultra-high performance all-season tire designed specifically for SUVs and light trucks. According to the manufacturer, this tire combines the sporty performance of the Pirelli Zero product line with the durability of the Pirelli Plus line, which is developed to meet the needs of North American drivers.

With an always-growing segment of hybrid and electric SUVs and light trucks, Pirelli said the new Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3 is available with Elect technology, designed to contribute to lower energy dissipation as a result of a 10% reduction in rolling resistance. The Elect version also offers a 15% improvement in wear compared to a non-Elect products, Pirelli said.

The manufacturer said its new Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3 Elect tires are built to deliver a quiet driving experience that effectively manages the high torque and weight demands of EVs. In particular, it comes with the PNCS technology (the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System), designed to cancel air cavity noises and vibrations resulting into a 1dB noise reduction.

Manufactured in Pirelli’s North American factories, the company said this tire has been developed for SUVs and light trucks, presenting a stiffer sidewall structure to cope with larger load transfer typical of these vehicles. It also presents a larger footprint (up to 10% more compared to the previous generation) that translates into an improved wet performance.

The new tire is available in 24 sizes, from 19- to 22 in.

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