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Double Coin Introduces New RLB452, RR202 Tire Sizes

The RLB452 features a four-belt package and an open shoulder, and the new RR202 is for multiple applications.


Double Coin and CMA has added new tire sizes for their RLB452 open shoulder drive-position tire and RR202 5-rib highway service tire.

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The RLB452 features a four-belt package and an open shoulder that allows debris to escape from between the tread lugs, the company says. It offers more biting edges across the tread surface which can help enhance grip and traction on dry or slippery road surfaces. The long wear is achieved by a deep 28/32nds of tread depth.

“We have not introduced a new open shoulder drive tire in a very long time. The traction performance on the tire is outstanding on wet and snow covered roads. It also includes Double Coin’s seven-year warranty and three retread warranty,” said Tim Phillips, VP of marketing and operations for Double Coin/CMA. “Furthermore, we want our loyal customers to know that we are not discontinuing the older RLB1 open shoulder drive tire.”


The new RR202 315/80R22.5 20-ply is a heavy-duty commercial truck tire for multiple applications, including heavy loads and transport busses. This five-rib tire is built for superior handling and traction, the company says, adding it also features protective sidewall ribs, which combat curb damage and abrasion.

“The RR202 is really a diverse tire. Depending on the size, we have also seen this tire perform well in off-highway or mixed-service applications,” Phillips added. “I consider the RR202 as an all-position tire that can be positioned in steer, drive or a trailer position.”

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