ATD Launches Digital Suite 'Radius' During SEMA Show

ATD Launches Digital Suite ‘Radius’ During SEMA Show

ATD President and CEO Stuart Schuette says the company has advanced from a diversified wholesale tire distributor to a connected physical and digital platform.

American Tire Distributors (ATD) announced the launch of ‘Radius,’ a new digital hub designed to integrate tires, parts, services, and solutions into one connected experience for the automotive aftermarket, during the 2023 SEMA Show.

ATD says that Radius is comprised of a suite of tools “that seamlessly integrate into business operations to increase efficiency and optimize both sales and service.”

“As a company, over the last several years, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to simplify the experience for our customers to have access to all the suites of tools that we’ve been creating for a tire retailer and the things that they do on a regular basis,” says Stuart Schuette, president and CEO of ATD. “Through a lot of research and engagement with customers and so forth in the marketplace, we’ve put together and now are launching our platform.”

Schuette says the core solutions of Radius include:

  • Data-driven software tools that help streamline operations and reduce or eliminate stale inventory.
  • Programs designed to offer a competitive edge through nationwide warranties, automotive and business retailers, discounts, training, growth bonuses, and more.
  • The industry’s only learning platform that provides training for owners, managers, sales associates, and technicians in less than five minutes per day.
  • A proven sales model that helps tire dealers drive online sales volume, increase foot traffic and capture nationwide online shoppers.
  • Access to volume rebates, discounts, and loyalty rewards.
  • A B2B2C e-commerce and back-office solution that provides product catalogs, pricing, and real-time booking for tire installations.
  • A solution that helps shops automate their customer marketing and communications with a full suite of tools, including personalized messaging campaigns, automated appointment reminders, and customer reviews.

“What it allows us to do is offer one place for our customers to have access to traditional products, like tires that they’re looking for, but also other things that we try to provide to our customers via data insights. What are the things that they would need to know in their particular area? What sizes do they need to stock? What’s the relevancy of their inventory? Those sorts of things so that we can help the customers through some data insights, and enhance their profitability and their cash flow,” Schuette says. “Then there are other elements of the platform as well, like visibility into their programs. Most of our dealers are on some kind of program with the manufacturers. So, there’s an easy-access button for them to be able to get visibility through the totality of the supply chain for what their programs are worth to them in aggregating value.”

With the addition of Radius to its portfolio of solutions, Schuette says ATD has advanced from a diversified wholesale tire distributor to a connected physical and digital platform that fuels innovation and growth in the broader automotive aftermarket. Using real-time communication and data analytics, Schuette says Radius expands retailers’ customer base, identifies trends and relevant customer preferences, and supports more informed business decisions. Along with preeminent wholesale distribution capabilities, these assets uniquely position ATD to drive a connected commerce experience for the entire industry.

“The industry’s been sort of a wave curve the last few years, and I think with that kind of volatility we’ve seen in the industry we can help our dealers by giving them some data and some insights to help them run their business,” Schuette says. “This is an easy way for them to have access to those types of capabilities.”

Tire dealers using ATD’s current digital system will see it automatically converted to Radius.

On Nov. 2, ATD also announced a strategic partnership with Steer, a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing communications platform. ATD says this partnership will “bring first-class marketing technologies to Radius and allow customers to streamline their marketing operations.”

ATD’s partnership with Steer is the first of many third-party solutions that Radius will integrate into its marketplace, the company says. By combining Steer’s CRM technology with ATD’s vast network and inventory management solutions, ATD says the partnership will provide real-time data that compares inventory to market demands.

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