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Yokohama Releases 10 New Instructional Videos

In conjunction with Tire Safety Week, Yokohama has released 10 new videos in the company’s “Tire Tips” series.


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Yokohama Tire Corp. has announced a continuation of the company’s “Tire Tips” video series. The videos can be found on the company’s Facebook page.

The series, offered in conjunction with Tire Safety Week (May 21-28), feature Pat Keating, YTC’s senior manager of technical engineering, and include:

  • Choosing the Right Tire for Your SUV/CUV
  • Make Your Tires Last Longer
  • Why are Speed Ratings So Important?
  • On the Front or Rear?
  • Why You Should Rotate Your Tires
  • When is a Tire Repairable and When is it Not?
  • How to Check Tread Depth
  • How to Check Tire Inflation
  • Correct Speed and Load Ratings
  • Summer vs. Winter vs. All-Season

According to Alan Holtschneider, YTC’s director of marketing, the Tire Tips series, which began in 2010, was created to increase consumer awareness and educate the public about a wide variety of tire-related subjects. “We designed the Tire Tips videos to be short and entertaining,” he said. “The idea is to really help consumers understand just how important tires actually are, especially since they are the only part of a vehicle to touch the road.”

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