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What Do You Get With …

Three Hall of Famers and one Humanitarian? Four tremendous people from our industry!Recently, the tire industry met for the annual International Tire Exposition.


What Do You Get With …

Three Hall of Famers and one Humanitarian? Four tremendous people from our industry!
Recently, the tire industry met for the annual International Tire Exposition. This year’s show offered a fantastic display of technology, product innovation, and a simple exchange of information and fellowship.
TANA produced another excellent trade show, with informative seminars and great hospitality events.
On two particular mornings, the industry recognized four gentlemen who served this industry well. The first three were the latest inductees into TANA’s Tire Industry Hall of Fame. The last was recognized for giving to others.
Pat Rooney, past chairman and CEO of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., helped guide the firm for three decades. Under Pat’s leadership, Cooper grew in market share, manufacturing capabilities and profitability. Through his consistent efforts to grow the company through independent dealers – and his popularity among dealers ®“ Pat became one of the most respected executives in the industry.
T.O. Haas, founder and chairman of T.O. Haas Tire Co. T.O. established his first dealership in 1940 and grew his organization into 200 locations until the recent acquisition of his company by the Heafner Tire Group. He was instrumental in the passage of legislation in Nebraska which addressed environmental concerns surrounding stockpiled tires.
This year’s third inductee was Lloyd Stoyer, who recently retired after shaping and guiding the editorial direction of Modern Tire Dealer for 14 years. Lloyd’s passion for tire dealers was evident throughout his career. Whether you agreed or disagreed with him, Lloyd’s love of this industry was always evident.
Each of these gentlemen came from different disciplines within our industry, and their contributions will be tough to match. Our hat goes off to the industry’s latest Hall of Famers. They join industry legends like Harvey Firestone, Paul Litchfield, Les Schwab, Tom Babcox, Don Olson, Edouard Michelin and Paul Zurcher, just to name a few.
Ross Kogel, Sr. was recognized as this year’s recipient of the Tire Dealer Humanitarian Award. Ross’ commitment to the homeless of Detroit through the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS), offers his city’s troubled residents the opportunity to re-establish direction in their lives.
This, in itself, is personal dedication that has brought tremendous fulfillment to Ross. And in a number of cases, it has enabled him to extend his professional life and enhance his business by bringing some of these folks onboard to work in his wholesale tire business.
You’d think with being a busy family man, businessman and volunteer, Ross wouldn’t have any more time to give. Well, that would be shortchanging this man’s fortitude and compassion. Fortunately for Ross, his family and business – and COTS, for that matter ®“ another huge part of his volunteer effort is placed just a block down the street from COTS at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Ross has made contributions in all facets, which helped this institution become a solid foundation.
So what’s the point of this warm-n-fuzzy, feel-good column?
  It’s about you! And it’s about your growth! Growing within yourself, growing your business and growing in our industry all at the same time.
It’s about NOT getting up in the morning dreading the day ahead. It’s about accepting the challenge of succeeding in ways that make it all worthwhile when the day is done. It’s about having the attitude that you can make a difference, and doing those things that do make a difference.
   It’s very true that our greatest successes come silently and without applause. Love what you do. Represent yourself and your industry with honor, compassion and dignity. And be wise enough to know how fortunate you are when you find yourself in the right place at the right time to lend a hand to others who can use your help.
Pat, T.O., Lloyd and Ross are an honorable group of people who have represented our industry with a tremendous amount of spirit and class. But they are only a small sampling of our great industry. So take the time and make a difference in your endeavors!
Have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in 2001. ®′


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