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Toyo Tires Unveils New NanoEnergy M171 All-Position Tire

Toyo says the newest edition to the Toyo Tires M-Line of commercial tires provides fuel efficiency and excellent wear life.


Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. has released the Toyo NanoEnergy M171 super-regional all-position tire.

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Toyo says the newest edition to the Toyo Tires’ M-Line of commercial tires provides fuel efficiency, excellent wear life and increased stability with improved tread compounds developed through Nano Balance Technology.

The M171 super-regional all-position tire complements the M671 super-regional drive tire, and both are Smartway verified. Working together, these tires are specifically designed to provide exceptional fuel efficiency, superior traction, and long, even wear within 500-mile radius operations, the company says. The M171 incorporates Toyo Tires’ advanced E-balance design, which the company says maintains the tread profile of the tire, while reducing strain at the bead area and belt edge for greater stability and longevity under heavy loads. It also features an optimized wide tread pattern that provides an even contact pressure profile that reduces irregular wear for longer tire life, Toyo says.


The combination of a high elongation top belt, zig-zag center grooves and center sipes work together to ensure long, even wear essential in a steer tire, Toyo says, adding maximum fuel efficiency is achieved through the uniformity of the cap and base compound which increases irregular wear resistance.

The all-new NanoEnergy M171 super-regional all-position tire is available now in four SKUs: 11R22.5 14/G, 11R22.5 16/H, 295/75R22.5 14/G, and 295/75R22.5 16/H.

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