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Tirescanner, Wrench Focus on Fleets with Mobile Tire Installs

In today’s market, success in the tire industry tends to be shared by those who innovate, and the pandemic has made safety and convenience a crucial aspect of innovation in 2020.


Enter a new partnership between Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair business that says it brings quality service directly to consumers and fleet managers, and Tirescanner, an online tire retailer and mobile tire installation service, who are now, together, offering on-demand mobile tire installation to fleet vehicles.

“We are fully focused on creating the most convenient tire and install experience for fleet and B2C,” says Michael Welch, chief executive officer of Tirescanner. “We will do this by partnering with the best existing mobile and store owners across the country, and also by rolling out our own innovative model to cover parts of the country.”


Through this partnership, Wrench technicians have access to Tirescanner’s nationwide network of mobile tire vans, giving fleets next-day install scheduling of any brand of tire for most fleet vehicles at the driver’s home or a place convenient to them.

A mobile installation service for fleets focuses on the same convenience that it does for consumers, says Welch. However, the difference is that in the fleet world, every second off the road cuts into the bottom line.

“This convenience and flexibility mean less time off the road and more time saved,” explains Welch. “We are cognizant that for fleets time is very much money, so our ability to not only schedule, but to implement and install within 24 hours ensures that fleet vehicles are back on the road making money without major impact.”


A mobile tire scheduling service isn’t a new concept, but Wrench and Tirescanner say this partnership is different due to the individual attention the companies are promising fleets.

“Mobile installation allows for dedicated attention by technicians solely focused on your job, and your job only,” Welch says. “With all of our fleet-related accounts, we offer a dedicated account manager to ensure all needs are met.”

“Additionally,” adds Casey Willis, co-founder and vice president of business development at Wrench, “Wrench’s technicians are ASE-certified and employed directly by Wrench, meaning customers can trust that they are getting the best price with the best service and full transparency.”


Willis says Tirescanner’s local and mobile installers allow Wrench’s fleet customers to choose from the “widest range of tire buying and installation options at the best prices.”

Both companies say they are making improvements within the next year to bolster the service. Welch says Tirescanner has recently added a few large fleet clients with which programs are being tested across the country, adding that these will ultimately become national programs. Willis says Wrench is currently developing the next version of software that will make bulk vehicle service management easier online or through the company’s mobile app.

“TireScanner and Wrench see the world the same way,” Willis says. “Tire repairs and replacements are a consistent pain point we hear about from fleet operators, from the time it takes to schedule the installation, to the actual installation, and the overall headache that comes from the vehicles being out of service for hours or days. Mobile, on-site tire scheduling and installation eliminates all of these problems.” 

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