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Common TPMS Headaches: Cures for the Top TPMS Concerns

It’s been 10 years of mandatory TPMS, but there have been many changes, advancements and new challenges that remain.

TPMS relearn tool Problem Solutions
TPMS Basics: Types of Tools and Sensors Explained

To properly service vehicles when they enter your shop, be aware of the options that are available regarding service providers and tools, as well as the many styles of replacement sensors.

Ford TPMS sensors
Servicing TPMS on Ford, Chrysler and GM Vehicles

There are standard relearn procedures for TPMS systems but they can vary by make and manufacturer. To help, here’s a roundup of TPMS advice and procedures for domestic vehicles – specifically Chrysler, GM and Ford passenger vehicles.

How to service Chrysler's TPMS system
Servicing TPMS Sensors

Most TPMS sensors are held in using just a screw or a nut, but if not assembled or torqued properly, the results can be catastrophic. Carelessness can result in a broken sensor or even a customer being stranded with a flat tire.