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Alligator Sensors Now Cover Next-Gen GM Pick-Up Trucks

The RS universal TPMS sensors from Alligator cover GM’s 1/2 ton pick-up trucks and heavy duty trucks.

Video: Snap-In TPMS Sensor Install Tips

Tire Review’s Maddie Winer looks at the finer details of installing snap-in valves, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

Alligator TPMS Sensors Now Cover Toyota Supra

This car is one of a growing number of Toyota vehicles that can auto learn TPMS sensors.

Hamaton Appoints New Technical Support Specialist

Nick Wheeker will work alongside a team to answer support calls and carry out vehicle testing to ensure the company’s sensor coverage is up-to-date.

Subaru TPMS Diagnostics

The most common issue a shop will see with a TPMS warning light is low tire pressure. Once all tires have been inflated to the pressure listed on the vehicle’s placard (including the spare), drive the vehicle at 25 mph for 10 minutes.

Upselling a Second Set of Rims and TPMS Sensors

This investment will save customers money in service each year because they will not need to pay to dismount the wheel, dismount the existing tire, service the sensor valve, mount the all-season tires onto each rim or rebalance the wheel.

Alligator Adds 8th-Gen. Corvette Coverage to Sens.It TPMS

The Corvette is one of the first General Motors models to support Auto Learn.

Nissan TPMS Service: Sensors and the Relearn Process

Never assume that the failure of a sensor to register means that the sensor has failed. Sensors are sensitive to how they are installed on the wheel.

Top 3 TPMS Installations that Cost Time and Money

Programmable sensors and auto location are two examples of features that offer many benefits but may require extra steps during service.

Maximizing TPMS Sales for Winter Tire Season

Soon enough, you will have the opportunity to see a nice bump in sales due to what we have come to know and love as “winter tire season.”

Video: Four Tips to Prevent TPMS Sensor Damage

Tire Review’s Maddie Winer has tips to help stop TPMS sensor damage from happening again, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

Preventing TPMS Sensor Damage

During tire removal, TPMS sensors can get snagged by the sidewall of the tire. These tips can help you prevent damage.