Hamaton Unveils U-Pro Hybrid NFC Sensor at SEMA Show 2021

Hamaton Unveils U-Pro Hybrid NFC Sensor at SEMA Show 2021

During a booth visit at the SEMA Show, Hamaton's Jake Henderson told Tire Review about the company's new TPMS sensor that can be programmed using a smartphone.

Hamaton TPMS & Valves debuted its new U-Pro Hybrid NFC sensor at 2021 SEMA Show with smartphones in mind. Jake Henderson, sales and technical support manager at the company, told Tire Review during a booth visit that the U-Pro Hybrid NFC is different from most TPMS sensors. In the industry, technicians usually use a diagnostic tool or programming tool to program the sensors. The U-Pro Hybrid NFC works differently, he said.

“What we’ve done is introduced a sensor that can be programmed with a smartphone,” Henderson said.

The U-Pro Hybrid NFC allows customers to buy the sensor, download the free app for it through Hamaton and look up the make, model and year of the vehicle they are working on.

“It’s a straightforward make, model, year lookup,” Henderson said. “They can then take the sensor, whether it’s Android or iPhone, and program it that way.”

The U-Pro Hybrid NFC will be available to purchase at the start of 2022, Hamaton said.

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